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Bare in mind wars and pvp should start as small things, border clashes, piracy, clandestine strikes and so on; many things that have been ushered out of eve online that created content, that gave the game life - have been ushered out because a part of the community wants unsafe space to be safe.
I think the CSM AND CCP should seriously consider rolling back some items.

Number one. Combat interceptor nullification, roll it back; make different changes - for example only able to fit one nano or istab… hell none at all. The nerf only made null safer and the game more boring. I dont think that was intended, but perhaps the goon invasion of other regions after the change was?

Number two. roll back the sov repair feature - add an ansiblex structure that does this; this way areas that have high enough adm or activity are still ‘safe’ but systems that are not in use become a battlefield and not rental space thats so easily kept by simply sticking to blobbing for timers from one end of eve to another. IF people ACTUALLY WANT their space they will keep it.

Number three. not sure if its a roll back but you really want to reconsider where people can anchor structures, especially in low sec…

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Number four: Remove local.


im for it but again, in the highest adm or activity places simply have an ansiblex structure… hell if they make the structures playable with (instead of having to spend 30 minutes and bring 500 people) new eden life i imagine will start to pick up again.

People have jobs c’mon, not everyone wants to log in for two hour formups or have to wait around for ‘the fc’

Some people actually like microgang and solo…

ok im ranting now…

soryy :stuck_out_tongue:

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