Saving eve from itself

A little list of things to do.
1 more space by a factor of 10…if your at server cluster max then build new server clusters and link them back twords the original the jumps between clusters just take a little longer because you have to load over, but ano big hassle… and keep adding more space this is one of the current big failing’s.
2 remove all jump drives and jd skills and refund the points everything travels by gate or citadel bridge no citadel bridges between clusters…blops change to warp cloaky bs’s if they do not already dont remember atm , jump freighters change to warp cloaky freighters+ wc str, supers under the same restrictions on weapons in hisec ie aoe weapons = bad idea but still allow siege units to work for dreads and fax’s etc …and then we will have a lot more realistic space where time and space matters a whole lot more to everyone.


PS MORE STANDING SLOTS! like 100k each color

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Couple of questions.

  1. What is the point of adding additional space? I think one of the arguments I have seen made more often is that there is too much space and too many empty systems. Why do you think we need more space given how empty much of the map appears right now?

  2. Part of the fun of this game is being able to avoid some of the more tedious things like gating large ships and freighters. What do you think the benefit of removing jump drives will be? Is that benefit worth the increased tedium?


space is not empty all is claimed by one power block or another and have been for years with no space for anyone to move out to unless you are able to at the same power level as the power blocks we have now…all we have now is a bloody arena pressure cooker with no real options . this is bad for the game and has been a problem for at least a decade.
jumpdrives shrink apparent game space and defeat the time and space-distance aspect of the game when this happens like now you know what you have a bunch of station spinning griefer /gankmasters wating for the next hotdrop ,watching pron and whining on the forums about how they cant find anybody…because they have driven the mass of casual style players from the game…because there is nowhere for them to go …see point 1…and distance from adverse powerblocks does not matter because Jumpdrives…and the added in long range jump links
these 2 things are that game destroying Ouroboros that has taken under many games when it boils down to a small game pop in a bloody bathtub.

i will even throw in a little tale from about 2008-2009 it was , so i hop in to gen help chat one early morning and there is this guy whooping it up in gen help about how empty it was way out here in where every he was way out there in null space,kind of a knotthead, so as a joke i asked him where he was and the fool told me in gen help chat/double facepalm/ my reply was Please wait while your request for attention is being processed…someone dropped carriers and dreads and gods knows what else all over him about 2 minuits later…for the LULZ. so no space is not empty. oh fk im dead was that guy’s last known transmission.

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with out jump drives you get more people out in their ships doing instead of spinning a lot more realistic fleet fights and a lot less thrd party ■■■■ you’s out of nowhere and a host of other little things in a long list of benni’s
give ever class of ship their microjumpdrive things like we have for bs;s and bc’s now instead and all will be good and incorporate that ability into fax dreads carriers supers and titian’s instead in place of the former jd and use fuel for caps.
and in fact the jumpdrive skills we have already can just be renamed capital microjumpdrive skills and its pretty seamless…

see this also gives rise to a line of black ops combat capitals along the same lines as black ops bs’s
and then also the jumpfreighter and rourqual can become fancy warp cloaky + warp core str capital indy ships perhaps even nullified.
and the excavator drone thing is stupid rourquals should get 4 strip miner slots.

also on my way home from work it came to me that TANNSTAFL would now apply to corp theft since either they needs to run the gauntlet out now with the stuff or need to pay considerable amounts of isks to get stuff out of safety.
how’s that for a bonus in and of itself no more poof its all gone to some npc dock in 3 seconds.

Can you please post such ‘unconventional’ ideas in the Features and Ideas forum? Us plebs can vet them there (frankly, shoot them down in this case I’d say).

This forum should be reserved for more widely recognised suggestions for the guys in the know (the Devs) to get back to us about feasibility / considerations we’ve missed etc.

and just to make it easy on CCP and CSM i will even lore it for you:
Today in Space Science News , Concord space research division has discovered that Jumpdrives are the cause of being unable to connect to the wider universe for which all jumpdrive ships are now recalled to be fitted with microjumpdrive tech controls to their jumpdrives in order to join the wider galaxy once again .
minimal SP refunding of cyno and covert cyno beacon points. furthermore you could give the command destroyer area drag ability to blops bs and titian’s so they can preform local fleet drags and convert the name to micro jumpdrive portal generation for fleet drag skill.
throw in dual area mode choice ie to drag everything mainly enemies or fleet members only portal mode.
also give the t2 marauder bs’s their own built in jd same as a blops jd just as a upgrade as a true bs sized dread thing.

Scale of range: level 0 injected to level 5
SC and Titian 500/1000/2000/3000/4000/5000km
JF rourq fax dread carrier 250/.500/1000/1500/2000/2500km
blops bs 50/100/200/300/400/500km
fitted microjd’s keep their 100km.
this is only actually possable because of the end of the grid fu era and 20 thousand km grids we now have todayand ships with built in microjd; should get a sliding range bar for how far to jump on activation

all this goes hand in hand with the slew of new capitol ship modules that have come out like propulsion mods and the like as well and supports their development better than what we have going now.
and i also expect a lightening of server loads as a large reduction in cross system server cluster loading lag and better gameplay.

You do know that the size of the ships changing systems don’t really matter. It’s the amount. If there are no jumpdrives, people would just use gates, and the load is nearly the same.

the way eve is configured is many star systems not nessarily next to each other on each blade server so when you randomly jump from one cluster to another with jumpdive you are making a non standard jump path between cluster the servers have to create and manage this is where the system really strains on massive amount of people taking this jump…not ship mass. Plus whatever else is going on weapons fire drones fighters all of it.
and it is not just one link but dozens of JD links plus whatever jump portal links for non caps on top of that, is used to be every client connection ran in the background at a max of 33,600 baud data rate. FSW so long ago was a entire slideshow on my comp then when bob dropped in there.

At least you know how the Eve- server is set up, I’ll give you that. You are wrong about the load a jump-drive does when compared to a normal gate-jump.

A jump between systems (be it through a stargate or with a jumpdrive) is nothing more than a server changing where your ship is located at and then moving it to another instance (system). It’s not the distance of the jump, it’s the amount of people jumping AND the amount of people within the system that is causing the load on the server. The data itself is nothing more than a few lines in some databases. The lag is from the messages required to let everyone know what everyone else is doing. How people enter the system don’t really matter. It’s the amount of people entering (and being in the system already).

still i expect some kind of improvement, but that is not the main points here.
1 anything that make the game world smaller is bad for a game by design for ANY game, thats why i do not like Jumpdrive’s .
2 not providing enough game space for a increasing game population is also bad for any game, as it creates the never ending bloodbath arena that eventually drives enough people away to cause a major population crash that most games never recover from. also see point 1 about making the world smaller with instant long distance transport is part of it as well.

  1. Jump-drives have been quite well slowed down by jump fatique.
  2. There are plenty of empty systems to go around still. Eve lives and dies by destruction, so making space too sparse would go against making the game competitive and fun.

a : not really
b: there are No system to go around to a new player power block, unless they wish to be someone’s pet.
and the serving of bloody arena of destruction raiders mindset to the exclusion of all is is the main death of most! MMORPG’s …once you reach a negative new player retention state because of this.then the game starts declining…and usually keeps going that way because most devs are 40K Orks at heart.
i would much prefer eve to not find that kind of ending,more space means more game population…as long as you do not give it all to the Raiders on a silver plate to gorge on and demand more. because they cannot Find anybody! without a thought as to Why that is.

More space does not automatically mean more people. You are thinking everyone wants to go to nullsec. That’s very much incorrect.

As much as you want for Eve to be something else besides a game of destruction and building, that is what the whole economy runs on.

from playing a very long time in mmo’s from 1998 and Uo ,new game area always means a significant increase in population , retaining that has always been an issue ,because of devs only catering to destruction made easy.
this is the long and short of it, you want to retain more people then time and space needs to matter more in the game than it does now by a majority factor.
If ccp were to open a whole new generated cluster+ wh space you would see the game population go north of 100 thousand players…tomorrow. im my est. another game i played a long time opened a area server+ steam launch garnered 750 thousand downloads of game client inside a month, game pop exploded and exploded again due to being handed to the raiders on a silver plate…did not end well for that population which were mainly driven from the game by ganking and griefing. which the devs failed to foresee or do anything about in order to keep that playerbase. dam sad that.

As a new player to EVE, but not new to MMO culture generally, I am wondering if there are solutions that the player base can bring to the situation? While I understand that devs and publisher have a responcibilty to address this kind of issue to preserve the fiscal viability of their product- what can the player base do?
Are there any kind of grass roots player action that the player base can participate in to shake things up?