Armor Command Burst Types

So there are three command bursts, one which grants bonus armor, one which increases resistance, and one which improves repair. Obviously, having all in an armor tanked fleet would be useful.

I don’t get why the one which grants bonus armor isn’t more powerful. Getting 15% more resistance is better than 15% more HP since one of them would increase the logi more. I don’t get why it’s not something like topping out at 18% vs 12% or something. If only one battlecruiser is dedicated to be a backup command, it would obviously be better to pre-load the Armor Energizing Charge since losing that command burst would hurt more than if the Armor Reinforcement Charge was lost and I think it should be a tradeoff with all of them being good, but in some situations, one is better.

Unless maybe the resistance is stacking penalized with stuff like armor hardeners and energized membranes, then I guess the energizing resistance type wouldn’t be strictly better than the armor boost reinforcement. An armor tanked fleet surely has some of those modules.

Correct, the resistance is stacking penalized.

HP burst gives more EHP for fleets that already have a lot of resistances on their fits, while resistance burst gives more EHP for fleets that don’t have too many resistance modules yet.

And depending on the fleet comp and the enemy fleet you may prefer higher repairs (which you get with resistance bursts) or may prefer having the EHP to survive alpha damage more easily (which you probably get from the HP burst).

Or just bring enough links boats and cover all 3 armour bursts, or all 12 combat bursts! Bonus points if you squeeze in a mining command burst for a combat fleet.

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