Battlecruiser Command Burst Question

With one Shield Command Burst II module on a active shield tanked PvE Cyclone that runs L3s, which of the three charges is best?

I am always partial to increased resistances.

The question to be asked though is, are you needing the extra boosts from the command burst module for level 3 missions?

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I just recently trained Fleet Support skills, and the existing fit that I know can run L3s allows for one Shield Command Burst II module without editing it. So I get one free boost with no drawbacks. The question then stands, which one do I use.

Ah ok,
Shield Harmonization will increase your fleets shield resistances which of course means your fleet will take less damage. This is the one I usually went with.

Active Shielding increases local and remote shield boosting.

Shield extension increases shield HP.

That being said, I have not been a fleet booster in a very long time, if you are playing solo and you have not already tested it you may want to make a quick fleet up and test it to see if it applies to only yourself properly.

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Thanks. That’s one for Shield Harmonizing Charge. I don’t run with a fleet at the moment.

On your active tanked Cyclone, the “Active Shielding Charge” will have bigger or at least the same effect on your ability to repair incoming damage than the “Shield Harmonizing Charge”. You can run the numbers in Pyfa.

Effect of the harmonizing charge will be diminished by stacking penalties.
Hence, if you run even with just 1 adaptive imvulnerability field, then you will repair less with the harmonizing charge than with the active shielding charge.
The more mods you run, the worse it gets.
The difference is very low though, but it is there.
Theoretically, if you run an empty Cyclone just with links and a repair mod, then the active shielding and harmonizing charge will have exactly the same effect on your repairs.

“Shield Extension Charge” would have a very nice effect on passive tanked Cyclone, but that is not our case here.

So as a conclusion I would go for the active charge if I must choose from the 3 shield links.
But if I’m free to choose whatever, then I would probably go with skirmish links instead, to get better mobility. Because Cyclone could tank L3 missions without any links. Or I would just ditch them, because of the agro timer, which could be annoying at the end of the mission when you want to jump out of the system.


@Omnathious_Deninard is right.
Basically, better resistances - reducing incoming damage and so giving a passive shield tank less to handle is good for a passive recharge based fit.
Shield boost bonuses - which applies to the rate (amount/time) and capacitor usage of active tanks for an actively tanked ship. Though resistance improvement also helps by reducing the amount of boost you need to run as the damage needing to be replaced is lower.
Amount of shield bursts are useful when you know you are going into something short and nasty. Depth to the tank. I don’t think it improves the recharge rate.

Bursts are situational, especially for fleets, and dual bursts can be very effective.

I mission run in Harbingers, and almost always have ab Armour Command Burst module fitted. It gives a little more survivability.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

try simulating your fit and seeing what the various charges do, using pyfa would probably be best as it will show EHP/s repped in game will only show raw numbers. The active charge is pretty nice as the duration and cap bonuses work very nicely with cyclone bonuses. But the Harmonizing charge with extra resists may or may not be better, as someone else mentioned there are stacking penalties.

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By default I like resistances both for shield and armor unless I fly an active fit focusing on HP/s, then I tend to go booster bonus for even more HP/s, this works particularly well on stuff like double rep myrmidon, though that is armor, not shield.

Yep, so would I. It’s a taste thing but in my experience the “rapid rapier” or “active shielding” charges work better or it feels better.

The resistance charges make a difference but since the cyclone is an active shield boat, I would prefer the active shielding charge.

Word of caution, links produce a weapon timer. You won’t go suspect or anything dangerous but it prevents docking and using a gate for a minute.

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