Resistance vs. recovery

I’m still quite a noob so forgive me if this is an obvious question, but I wonder… what would you pick - a better shield resistance or a better shield recharge rate?

I’m trying to build a Hurricane that won’t blow up the moment you sneeze on it and there’s one piece of mid-slot gear I’m not sure about.

Option 1 - if I pick another Large Shield Extender II, I’ll have a little over 11 000 shield HP, I’ll regenerate 108 HP/s and will have an overall EHP of 29 060.

Option 2 - if I use an Adaptive Invulnerability Field II instead, I’ll have a little over 8 100 shield HP, regenerate only 79 HP/s, but pretty much the same overall EHP, namely 29 762. With this option I wouldn’t be cap-stable, but only barely. I would deplete the cap in 40-ish minutes.

| just field-tested option 1 on three free-roaming Tryglopian Reykjaviks or whatever they’re called, it went OK and by the end of it, I had about 50% shield left. While the regen was very nice at that point, I wonder if mitigating some of that damage with the Adaptive Inv. Field II would have been a better idea.

Of course I can and will field-test option 2 later tomorrow when I have some more time, but just theoretically speaking, what would you guys generally consider a better idea - high regen or higher resist, all other things being equal?

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Wich Regen y using? Passive or active?

Completely passive.

Then I would go for the option 1 yes. If you are taking triglav ships then you are in the right path. I usually fight them with a massive ammount of shields and resists, putting a little Regen when possible, doing good so far

Can you provide a full fit?
Active rep shields general consume a LOT of capacitor very quickly and you may up capping yourself out.

Shield power relays reduce your capacitor recharge rate. You can be very prone to neuting which will kill your active modules (and you won’t regain that cap anytime soon) so either consider shield amps or a NOS if you have a spare high slot. At least your weapons don’t require cap.

Given the choices you presented I would go for the shield extender.

Sure, not at home, so mail or add me as contacts will be glad to help

Wrong guy sorry

I don’t fly the Hurricane, but I’d probs start with a defence base something like this:

2x Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
1x Large Shield Extender
3x Shield Power Relays
3x Defence Field Purger 1

So this tells me that your regen was more than required for that engagement, as the ‘max’ shield regen doesn’t kick in until ~30% of shield remains, so if you only got down to ~50% remaining you still had regen to spare.

You also do not mention which rigs you’re using, so as a general rule of thumb:

for PvE aim for high regen + resists, through a combination of Shield Extenders in the mids, and Defense Field Purgers for rigs.

for PvP aim for high HP + resists, through a combination of Shield Extenders in the mids, and Defense Field Extenders for rigs.

Curiously, increasing your max shield HP also increases regen so you’ll see more benefit by adding a 2nd LSE II than you would adding a Shield Recharger II (in terms of shield regen). If you’re aiming for a full passive setup, Field Purgers for rigs, Extenders for mids along with shield resistance amplifiers of the rat specific type/s will provide solid defense, also consider Shield Power Relay IIs (uses low slots) as if you do not require cap to run hardeners the impact on recharge rate is negligible.

Cap stability for PvE is a ‘nice to have’, as you are not running an active tank and are using cap-less guns usually you will find that turning off the prop mod is all that is required to be cap stable again.


Replace one of the Shield Power Relays with a Power Diagniose this will increase Shield HP, Shield Regen, Cap Battery size,Cap regen and Powergrid.

Other way to go is build up you shield resistance holes.

Use Wards in medslots and resist shield RIGs. If done right you could get almost 80% resistance to damage. Which mean you take less damage and those require less HP, and even low shield boosters could out repair damage taken. Its even possible to have passive regen slow the damage take doing this.

Sure. This is my “option 1” fit for the passive regen:

Gyrostabilizer II
Gyrostabilizer II
Tracking Enhancer II
Shield Power Relay II
Shield Power Relay II
Shield Power Relay II

10MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
Peripheral Compact Target Painter
Large Shield Extender II
Large Shield Extender II

650mm Medium Gallium Cannon
650mm Medium Gallium Cannon
650mm Medium Gallium Cannon
650mm Medium Gallium Cannon
650mm Medium Gallium Cannon
650mm Medium Gallium Cannon
Salvager I

Medium Core Defense Field Purger I
Medium Core Defense Field Purger I
Medium Core Defense Field Purger I

This does 108HP/s. If I sacrifice one Gyrostabilizer (and therefore a few DPS) and replace it with a fourth Shield Power Relay II, I can even get 144HP/s.

The regen is impressive, but I have no extra resistance aside from the ship’s default 0% - 20% - 40% - 50%. Anything that does any EM damage will hit me real bad.

Exactly. That’s why I’m not sure if it’s worth sacrificing it for an Adaptive Inv. Field - on one hand I’ll get less incoming damage, but on the other hand, I’ll lose 29HP/s. Not sure if it’s worth it. I’d rather not get rid of the Target Painter otherwise I’ll start missing with those guns and the Afterburner helps me stay at a decent/optimal range… and not miss the rather fast Triglacial Donotfix or whatever they’re called :wink:

Of course I could try to switch to those 425mm Autocannons which have much better tracking, but are very close range. Maybe that would naturally mitigate some incoming damage if I’d end up orbiting stuff and make them miss a lot.

Either way, there’s still a lot of experimenting for me to do, my end goal would be to solo an Emerging Conduit. I’m not sure if that would be possible with a Hurricane, but I just wonder it’s generally a better “school of thought” to look at maximizing the regen vs. mitigating damage. I saw a guy on YouTube doing it in a Praxis and the regen really helped him at the point where there was only one enemy left (or between the waves) where there’s little to no incoming damage.

Anyway, thanks for the tips so far :slight_smile:

If your goal was to not die immediately go for HP tank as you won’t have enough time to recharge your shields while your going to die anyways.

Get some resists but if the options of a little more resistance is not better than the extra HP from more extenders then stick to whatever fitting gives you more HP to tank with.

The idea of shield recharging is that while your not in combat you can slowly regain all your health back otherwise what you want during combat is a shield booster for more immediate regeneration of lost HP.

True, though a good resistance fit with a nice HP can tank better than a pure HP tank.

HP tanking is relying solely hoping you HP lasts longer than the damage dealt on you.

Resistance tanking is reducing the amount of damage taken. Most default resist in shields is 0/35/25/45 or something similar, hence you find gankers favor EM damage as with 0 EM resistance they can got 100% of they damage on target. Even throwing an DC will help reduce damage.
Add wards and invs you can at a minimum cut damage taken in half, a very good fit you can reduce damage by up to 90%, and at this level you add an shield extender you’ll end up with a huge tank compared to a low resist with multiple extenders.

As an example.
You’re looking at say 100hp damage on a HP tank do 100-55HP damage per turret hit, with a good resist fit you drop that to 30-10HP damage per turret hit. So as you can see a good booster could hold even, add one extender it’ll be equal to multiple extenders without resistance.

Something to think about.


Tottaly agree, but if doing pve and using shield tank, I prefer to not use DC and put in shield(if passive tank) or DPS ( if relying much on drones) as the shield resist bonus of DC applies more on armor and hull, also if my shield drops I will not stay there to tank in my armor anyway.

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True, though the DC is the only omni passive shield mod., plus its not effected by the stack pen.

With good shield skills that 13.5% increases almost to 15%, and that doesn’t effect the other shield modules resistance.

As you note the armour and hull Resist is higher, but thats a good thing for shield tanks, one item that give a good second and third layer of resistance. Enough to allow you to get out of trouble if your shield fails.

As some m8s say its a "oh ■■■■ backup.

Not to forget its a lowslot item, so it won’t use up a more critical medslot that can be used for shield resist/HP exspand/boosters.

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