My Chimera- Passive regen not working properly?

Hello! I decided to give my Thanatos a break today, and headed into a ridiculous 445k shield passive tanked Chimera, working great.

But… I noticed when I hovered over my status icons, the shield hp was only recovering at a tick tick tick pace, essentially it seemed like it was maybe 2-4hp/s recovery. Yet my chimera is supposed to be getting 84/hps passive recovery according to the fittings window.

I’ve yet to see my shields regenerate more than 1 hp at a time, I know with other ships like a raven if I do something silly and boost the passive regen up, it’s climbs very quickly and it actually climbs 100+ per second, my Chimera isn’t doing this.

Is this a bug, is something wrong, is this intended?

You do realize it is listing the maximum recharge that is experienced when the shields are low and at full regen but not broken right? Between ~35-50% shields is where your regen really takes off. It also doesn’t take EHP into account because you have to use outside fitting tools to get an idea of what your EHP/s in tank recovery is.

Also that portion between 95-100% shields is immensely faster to just dock up to recharge or use an active shield rep on. That is always slow on passive shield tanks to recover. The fact your tank is so enormously large means that the section that the 95%+ shield status covers is so much larger.

Shields and capacitors have diminished passive regeneration at 100 and 0%, with max regeneration at 50%.

If your shields are at 95%, you will see significantly less regeneration than if it were at 55%.

I’m surprised someone who can fly a carrier, didn’t know this.

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I present to you skill injectors.


Are you sure Eve is the game for you? I hear there’s a couple new Pokemons coming to the Switch soon…

I’ve been playing this game since 2008, Doesn’t mean I know everything, even if it seems basic to you. I appreciate your insight. I actually never knew that function.

Asking a question about a potential bug hardly makes me a carebear, I’ve been in eve online longer than most people. Troll else where.

Remember, you have always EVE uni wiki.

The funny bit is that you have it wrong. Peak recharge doesn’t happen at 50% but at 25-30%.

I’m surprised someone from the elite TNT PVP alliance, doesn’t know this.

Maybe they excell in ignorance? :smirk:

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