Commander skill Bonus?

What is up with the commanders bonuses. I’ve been off for a bit to come back and not giving any bonuses to fleet buddies. What will happen to my 5 million SP ive got in command.

I now have to load scripts that dont give half of what I gave out before…

And you can no longer boost off-grid. You must be within range of your fleet. Long gone are the days of parking your Orca inside your POS shield and still be able to mining boost your buddies…

Being able to hide somewhere and buff the whole fleet was deemed unbalanced. They got rebalanced a while back so buff strength may have changed, also they are AoE buffs that go on all fleet members in range.

Waaa Waaa!! me off grid boosts are goners!! Waaa!! I cannot lead my troopies!! Waaa!!

Wow its been a while since we got one of these threads.

I don’t think he means off grid links but the bonuses you gave to the fleet from the skills. Remember, they gave 10% armor, shield and targeting range for being in a fleet.

Those rank 5 skills that only took 6 months on a charisma remap to train, only give a bubble range increase now.

LOL only two skills not maxed out in leadership are wing command, only L4 and fleet command.:wink:

I got hit by that nerf bat myself. Just surprised as it actually hasnt been a topic in a very very long time.

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