Feedback on the new command booster changes?

Getting back into the game after about a year break and notice the command booster role has been re-worked. I was thinking of training my nestor pilot to also fly boost for my main, but I am having problems finding a lot of people talking about how this change has affected their game play, or how they have modified their tactics/fits when using a booster pilot. No more off grid boost? So is anyone using the T3 booster capabilities or command ships? Is it possible to still do neutral fleet boost in empire? Just looking for anything on this besides old dev blogs.

No more boosting miners from your Orca inside a POS field. No more off-grid boosting period. You have to be in a fleet and within the range of the boosting ship. Depending on the pilot’s ability, that’s usually around 30km to 50km.

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Does my neutral boosting pilot go suspect after activation?

No, but you do incur a weapons timer for using boosts, which means you can’t dock until the timer runs out. This only applies to the ship that is doing the boosting.

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Neutral boosting still works, you won’t get suspect for boosting

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