Buff Information Gang Links

I think info links should give point/tackle range and not skirmish. Skrim is currently stacked and info is trash tier. I recommend making the three possible links for skirmish speed, agility and signature. Add warp disruptors and webs to the info warfare range bonus and change the hardening to resist neuts as well.

Interesting, but that would nerf skirmish by taking 1 buff and splitting it into 2 modules, maybe they should make the 3rd skirmish link web resistance as it goes nicely with the staying mobile concept.

Although putting point range link on combat inti might be a better idea as interceptors are usually outside of the 25km buff range on bc’s and don’t receive the tackle range buff. The combat inti could travel with a fleet inti and provide boost + anti tackle support to protect the fleet inti while it tackles.

I know more than a few Ewar pilots who would disagree with your assessment of Information Warfare bursts being “trash tier”. Maybe not as universally beneficial, but still incredibly useful to the right fleet compositions.

The only part of your idea that I don’t find horrible is adding neut resists to a command burst, but I’m not sure that the Information Warfare bursts would be where that belongs.


Lol wut. Your fc clearly hasn’t learned how to use damps.

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