Can we get more Dreadnought's please?

Like an ED Fleet Carrier maybe?

Haven’t played that, but yeah that sounds right from reading about them.

Yeah, Scoots was a dick about it, but he does bring up valid points. Moreover, I think it’s important that new ships serve some kind of purpose (i.e. fill a need, provide counter play options where they are lacking, fix balance issues, promote fun and engaging game play, and so on). For example, people have been talking some sort of anti-cap heavy bomber to help address how oppressive capital fleets can be to subcap fleets.

So, saying that people with carrier skills get access to 3 types of ships and the Moros looks like a turd really isn’t enough of a justification -especially since dreads have become more important in the current meta. So, it’s not like dread pilots really need a lot of love right now.

We could do with more Angel Capital ships. prods CCP - more faction player capital ships.

@Gierling Shuttles doesnt bring anything new to game mechanics and doesnt require any special stuff… … isk spent on one ■■■■■■■ dread can be isvested 1000 of fitted frigates and brings equal amount of isk destruction but 500 more engagement interaction content and advanture for the fun of fights and for lower skillpoint pvp players…

Its just ■■■■■■■ selfis egocentric big flying dildos to satisfy only one man … who needs for it

If he has right to tell here he wants more i have right here to say also ENOUGH!!!

CCP priding themseves about explotions of ships with the wars even their servers cant handle shamefully !,
They must STOP IT !
And start begin to focuse rest of new edens content!

End !

Edit @Ramona_McCandless . it was good post i have nothing against your post dont know why it made replay to your post sory :frowning:

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This just confirms the old saying that for some people in this game new = the enemy.

Thats very interesting and nice idea… also can be used in high sec too… bowheads are small… we use 3 of them atm … which means 3 dedicated acoount sitting in capitals instead of go out and blow the ships up

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Its cool, sometimes happens :slight_smile:

While I’ve got nothing against new ships, it’s true that CCP needs to balance and differentiate what they’ve got before they add more to the mix. It’s also quite problematic adding to the cap/supercap mix while that level of ship is still so imbalanced against subcap.

A problem is that your approach is based on “I learned these skills, so give me more ships that use these skills”. Which pretty much leads to “I learned Titans, give me more Titans. I learned Rorqs, give me more super-miners”, etc. The point isn’t to have CCP hand you new ships for your existing skillset… it’s to have you learn new skills for the ships you want.

While I question the validity of the idea of the capsuleer who decides to become a “Gallente Dread Pilot” even though they hate how the Gallente dreadnoughts look, I feel for you.

How about a new class of exploration dreadnoughts? This way, every dread pilot gets a whole other ship to use! And please, stop laughing, there’s already an exploration battleship in the game, so having a dreadnought bonused for exploration isn’t out of the question.

And before you carrier-pilots get mad, Sisters of EVE exploration carrier. Bam. Everyone is satisfied. :grinning: