New Lodestrike SKINS

So I have to ask the community (maybe a DEV will read this and provide some input, wishful thinking I know), why were the Prospect, Endurance and Porpoise left out of the release for these wonderful new SKINS. Many other industrial ships and T2 variances thereof were included, and with both the Venture and Noctis being included, why exclude those 3 ships yet again. As a pilot who enjoys flying all three often, I am perplexed. Thoughts? (Also a plea for the wonderful Morphite Shine SKINs as well)

CCP Dragon gave some answers for T2 ship skins here:

Ya gotta say was surprised noctis got the skin over porpoise since the porpoise is a mining ship… bummer.:disappointed_relieved:

Kinda defeats the porpiose of the sale… :rofl:


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