Livery skins

I just noticed this but how come the endurance looks fine with all the skins but the prospect looks like ■■■■ with almost all of the skins it has? it has little to no detail and just looks washed down overall

also why doesnt the noctis have any livery skins?

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I have these skins on my Mining Frigates

Endurance = Caldari Industrial Livery skin
Prospect = Amarr Industrial Livery skin
Venture = Morphite Shine skin

They all look pretty good, in my opinion the new lighting graphics in the Docking Bay gives them a strange glow. Maybe that’s the washed out effect you’re talking about.

Thought I had a Noctis skin in assets but it seems I never did get one.

This is what i mean The Prospect lacks any amount of detail unlike the endurance
Even with a skin the endurance has its features while the prospect was stripped of its features or someone just grabbed a paint brush and went in on it. The base model looks really good compared to the other skins


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they are different hulls with different paint scheems. the liverlys only change the art colors not the underlying hull design

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