New "Steel Cardinal" Skins bugged?

I recently bought 3 Steel Cardinal skins, but they do not look like in the preview window at all.

Here is a pic of my Golem: O.o

To be honest, this looks like visual cancer. In the ingame preview, u can see a clean silver skin with black and red parts (u can check ingame), but this looks nothing like that. Looks more like freakin rusty and old, black parts are not even visible anywhere.

Can u check that, or give me advice how to fix, did u just fu** the shaders or is it a known issue? Do have this on 2 different pc’s, don’t think it’s hardware related.

Uh oh, CCP at it again, releasing stuff that’s bugged. Would never foresee skins getting glitchy tho, this is a new type of bug lol.

Did you try the last ditch efforts? swap skins, relog, restart computer? Just asking cause more than likely they will ask to do that.

To be honest, im a bit angry for CCP… We got a lot of “free skins” for amarr and gallente ships. I hoped that Steel skins will be available through some kind of event too…

Tried all u mentioned, nothing helps.

I really think this looks like some shader layer of the original skin color that kind of shines through. I have no clue how shaders work in detail, but I could imagine a problem related to shaders on the model/skin maybe? :open_mouth:

Which ones did you try? I might get the Raven Navy Issue skin because exoplanet chests are avoiding my raven quite a bit XD

This looks more like your ship is really dirty. Clean it up in the Fitting Window -> Expand the Skins section.

That should make the overall skin a lot more shiny. However, that’s about it. There is no awesome pattern on it like on the Firewall Breach skin for Minmatar ships, it’s just a plain standard pattern skin with a glossy base color and tiny red accents.

Bought Cerberus, Hawk and the above shown Golem skin. The other two look more like in the preview, but still, there are “rusty” parts that u cannot see in the preview window ingame.

WHAT, when did they add this “feature”? Ships can get dirty oO.

Another wild guess I could have is that when docked you do not have the same Lights as the ones on the preview window, since that uses undocked lights, i dunno…

No, it’s probably the clean ship stuff, that Rivr_Luzade mentioned, never saw that button there, omg. xD

Still have to check that, but I thinks thats it.

Yeah I just researched about it, never knew about it! It is pretty damn cool in my opinion.

Ok CCP, you get a pass, keep up the great work!

Edit: there is a page giving examples of the dirt, scroll down a bit till you see the Dirt category, there are some pictures there, drag the slider to see how the ship will look like with a lot of dirt

Oh!!! I keep wondering why all skin look dirty and washed out and long for “shinny” ones and didn’t know that we actually have “car wash” service in game!! :joy:

Tried it and the “clean ship” works, but seems to have a tiny bug. It doesn’t seem to work with the skin on. You have to remove the skin, car wash, then put skin back.

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It does work on the skin, but u won’t see it immediatly. It won’t update untill u change the ship, undock or sth. similar.

Confirmed cleaning service, and changes were noticed by switching ships, something that CCP might wanna look into unless Undocking does the same result

If you dislike any of the Steel Cardinal skins purchased, Francis Raven is accepting all your unwanted skins in-game :slight_smile:

For a small fee of, let’s say 2bil isk per skin, no problem! :smiley:

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