Skin not appearing anywhere (space, station,etc) like it appears in the preview in the fitting tool once purchased

I just wanted to see if anyone else has noticed that certain skins in game do not match their preview in the fitting window.

A couple examples: the Myrmidon preview shows the ship having a shiny chrome appearence on certain parts of the ship that has the lighter chrome colors. If you look at the Interbus skin preview it shows a reflective shiny chrome surface which is the way the Myrmidon actually used to look if my memory serves me well. The ship however in no lighting circumstance in game actually has this shiny chrome.

Another example: I purchased the Imperial Jubilee skin for the Impel in which the preview is really beatiful looking, yet after applying the skin, the Impel has its dusty washed out look and the skin has nearly no gold shine to it at all. The purple is also dull.

I’ve messed with the graphics settings and I am able to run Eve at max settings so I dont believe its just this computer or my settings.

Question to CCP would be why would you think its ok to create previews to skins which are purchased that never look like the preview once applied?

Anyone else notice this? Im honestly hoping someone is gonna come on and tell me Im a huge noob and I need to adjust "such and such’ setting its going to fix it, but I really dont think thats the case.

You may have settings too low in post processing. (Graphics).

try cleaning your ship. The preview may be showing a default clean ship… your ship is probably dirty as hell, and has a grungy look to it, which translates to the skin.

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I remember CCP wanted to implement something like this. Did they actually do it? How do you clean ships then?

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Yes, it’s implemented.

iirc, it’s under the skin selection in the fitting window.


The longer you own a specific ship, the more dirt will accumulate on the hull.

In the fitting window, where you choose your skin, there is a button at the bottom that says “Clean Ship”. Clicking that will reset the “lifetime” on the ship, making it look like a brand new ship, and start accumulating dirt over again.


Yup, the impact of lighting on ships too great.

Nope, it is by design. Especially in space, the lighting acts as if there was an atmosphere. Probably some gross misunderstanding of gas clouds and their density.

There’ll be an aspect of “it doesn’t look right otherwise.”

People are too used to how atmospheres adjust lighting. So things look wrong without it. So artists go for what people expect, rather than what would actually happen.

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Well they over did it and many skins look like ■■■■ once on the ship.

I guess if they want to sell less skins they are making people happy.

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Fits with the rest of the apparent flaws in space mechanics. Like how our ships “float” in space and eventually level themselves out once you come to a stop. And how you need to provide constant thrust to maintain forward momentum.

Eve is a submarine game, masquerading as spaceships. The “water resistance” necessitates the constant thrust and the lighting issues, and the buoyancy causes the floating and leveling out.

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wow man, thank you… I had NO Idea they did this…

Im so glad I made this post, so sorry for CCP cause I would have bougth more skins if I had know this

the ship was 6 years old btw lol

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