SKIN preview window is too dark

Hi all,

I’m Peter, I just print, primer paint, and sand a half-Avatar model (will be hanging on wall). It is ready to be painted so I was checking SKIN options in game, but the preview background is too dark for me to tell some SKIN details.

Thanks to CCP’s brilliant work, we have tons of GREAT SHINY SKINs in game, but there is only one background option and it’s often TOO DARK. I understand the team may try to replicate the real in-game space environment, however, wouldn’t it be nice to have a brighter or even pure white background as one option (to help players see SKIN details and color more clearly) AND have other space backgrounds, such as gas site, sun, asteroid belts, as other options?

This is only an idea/proposal, any feedback and discussion will be appreciated.
Thank you,

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