Overview much too dark

Hi all,
I’ve been trying to contact ccp support for a while but nothing has changed.
the overview is really much too dark, it is impossible to determine the difference between the columns, and the labels and the area of the overview. It’s uncomfortable.
I tried to find solutions but nothing (colorblind mode), change template, still so dark.
Please make the teams in charge of this section react

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Columns in the D-scan list work – mind you, you have to HOVER OVER THE INVISIBLE LINE BEFORE IT BECOMES VISIBLE FOR YOU TO CLICK->DRAG TO RESIZE IT, but it is technically there.

Unfortunately, the probe window doesn’t even have that.

The tables with invisible width boxes is annoying, yes I agree with you. I have little faith in CCP changing it, but it is something that can be death with, given enough time to adjust, unfortunately.

(edit) I also recommend using the “disable light background” option for all boxes, to have better contrast within the window.

Have you tried changing the transparency, enabling light mode, or changing the brightness?

Actually for my taste the texts are too bright now (too high contrast) tuning it back a bit more grey would help. I have light background and full transparency.

BTW, how can I change the brightness?

There’s a slider in the general settings menu when you hit escape - it’s over the boxes where you do the potato mode selection.

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Thanks, got, is behind a button.

YES, Brisc I test everything but the same problem
you not see point or separate line for switch size of column.

impossible to determinate where is the first line for instant lock gameplay, that very uncomfortable.

for me the best option is ccp change color to grey for area ship and make again the separate line to grey or white, it’s perfect after that changes

I think they’ve gotten rid of the lines on the overview.

yes exact, but the time you want to know nuet pop that complicate :wink:

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