New Minmatar Skins

Those pretty purple new Minmatar skins under Windows Night Light appear as…wait for it…brown! (what else?)

So, they look like pieces of tree bark dipped partially into a bucket of white paint…

As I play at night and blue light fries my eyeballs, I suggest maybe a red alternative?

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They aren’t pretty to begin with. They’re just terrible paint fills, look completely out of place and (as so many things EVE) are a missed opportunity™

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The interior lighting in stations needs to be reworked, currently it gives the ships a strange colored glow, basically makes the ship skins look totally different.

So they’re basically one more reason that CCP should implement something like TennoGen for SKINs. They would get revenue from it and let EvE’s artistic fans chip in!

No they just need to make better skins and actually keep them on sale in the store. Player made skins would cause hilarious issues.

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