Skins are horrible!

I decided to get some plex and put a skin on. I gotta say these skins are bad, in the fitting screen they look bright and shiny and fully painted, that is until you apply it. The actual applied skin on the ship is dull, thinly painted, scratched everywhere and mostly worn off. It was pointless to get one. Why does the fitting screen lie about what it looks like. Ridiculous.

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Try cleaning your ship (in the fitting tool). It may make a big difference!


You ships get dirtier the longer they remain assembled.
Open your fitting window and select Clean Ship from the Skin menu on the left.

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Clean my ship? Shut the Front Door! Didn’t know that was a thing, I’ll have a look. I applied the skin the same day I obtained it and it was immediately aged and worn looking.


Yeah that just looks dirty. Clean your ship and refresh the skins for the cleaning to apply.

image image

This is pretty standard dirt accumulation pattern on your ship.

Here’s one of my ships.
Before cleaning:

After cleaning:

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Oh, I forgot to mention. The dirt accumulates on your ship based on the duration of time it remains ASSEMBLED. So even if you’re applying a fresh new skin onto a ship, if that ship has been assembled for a good time, it’ll still be dirty.

Applying a new skin places the skin underneath the dirt accumulation. So if you wanna check out the skins, always clean your ship (or you can just use a freshly assembled ship).


I see so it was the ship, not the skin. The ship was dirty to begin with. Cool man thanks!


Yup…lots of dirt out there in space…


Also, do note that the cleaning won’t take effect until your next session change (i.e. undock, switch ships)

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