CCP - Please come in and explain why Emperor Bear Skin Color scheme changed weeks after it's released out ? Was very Cool Gold/red but now mess up with BLACK BLOCKS!


I notice the new “Emperor Bear Skin” color scheme changed yesterday, which looks a LOT worse now, the color was Pure Gold/Red scheme, which is very cool, but now there are large black spots added on it, which looks ugly. Can you explain why you change the released skin color scheme even without any notification? People spend real money buy it!

Please change back to original color scheme!


Could you screenshot and indicate what black spots you are talking about.
It may be that your ship needs a clean.

I didn’t apply to ship yet, check directly via in-game skin model viewer for the ship, regarding the issue - eg: the Gila was a pure gold and red scheme, if I remember correctly, the front part was pure gold color (from head to the bear tattoo), the back part was red. but today I notice the front part are now mostly covered with black color with only small potion in gold, looks a lot worse than before, looks like a mud patch on the ship…

Have you changed your graphic settings recently? Shader quality at low will make all skins look plain (although not in a way that you described).

Just checked in in-game and i’m not sure i understand your problem - it looks as always good (and gold):

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