Bugged Skins

You guys at CCP seem to have used existing skins for your Yoiul skins, so for the past month my Buzzard with a Caldari Navy skin has had a progress bar and a Yoiul star flying in front of it. Apparently someone realized the issues, thus the 2022-01-11 patch notes mentioning fixing the Avatat Yoiul skin. Whatever you did, it affected my Buzzard skin and stripped it not only of the accidental Yoiul decor, but of any lighting effects at all. AKA the only reason to buy the skin, and many others, and now it just looks like a mottled POS. I suspect you have numerous bug issues within the skins, though this is the only I have identified thus far. Hopefully the “borrowed” skins will be reset to normal.

Anyone else notice similar issues? This happened today after the patch.

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