A request to have a SKIN reverted to it's previous itteration

I was advised to make a forum post somewhere the Dev team would see it, so here we go.

I bought a skin a while ago for the Vindicator, “Sarpati’s Revenge - Virge”. The main reason I bought it was specifically for the snake coils all over the ship. But now as of a few updates ago, it’s been changed quite a bit. Same for the “Sarpati’s Revenge - Igil” skin.

Original Igil skin

New Igil skin

Maybe it was a mistake? I don’t know, which is why I’m asking. Could someone please look into this? The new one really is a downgrade, and I definitely wouldn’t have bought it if I knew I was getting this.

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Have you already forgotten about your older post?

CCP won’t pay attention to either post anyway. So, whoever told you to make a forum post is just laughing their backs off at your expenses. :joy:

Cause a GM told me to bring my greivence up on here, and this looked like the most likely place. And it takes me all of 3 minutes to make, so not like I lost anything.


Win some, lose some. I’ll keep trying till I annoy the right person.

Make a bug report.

This seems like a bug to me.

I in fact did.


I was trying to find the swirly snake skin after seeing it in an old video. Now i know why i can find it.

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It’s a tragedy, ist it? I understand that they wanted to spruce it up a bit, but this was definitely not the way.

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