Dear CCP


Could you please make it possible to pick a different skin with the pack offer?

Out of all the gilded predator skins you’re adding the only one I would ever use would be the Megathron, and I really REALLY don’t want to pay £424.00 for it…

Please consider allowing us to choose which we prefer with the cheaper pack.




As open letters go, brief and to the point is acceptable.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


They never cared back then, why should they care of different skin packs now?

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Moved to Player Features & Ideas

One can only keep trying.

“That guy spent $400 on a skin, he is so cool.” Said no-one ever

Skins should be rare for other reasons than being expensive. For example people who subbed for a long time should get access to cool skins.

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I can’t read this message, does anyone know how I can read this forum post?

Nope. They disabled it. The action to see hidden posts have been removed. The only way you can see what destiny posted, is if they edit their post in way its not offensive

I had tried to place my mindset as one who would hold true to their core principles of first creating Mew Eden in the first place.

LatelyNew Eden had become or seemed to become softer than how it was first delivered.

I read great replies from Pilots ie @MB_ThePhotographer quote

I’ll never get back the brutal game I fell in love with. Meh…

I’ll never get back the brutal game I fell in love with. Meh…


Hey you can always mine in hisec with a suspect flag on all the time to make things more brutal.


But it’s not offensive?

Someone found it offensive or against the forum rules

So what. I didn’t. I should be able to read it.

Im not getting into this with you. Discussion of moderation is against the rules. Ccp changed that you can no longer see hidden posts. Take it up with them.

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It wasn’t me, I have no idea what was posted.

But then again if the mods decided to remove it then I am not interested in what it said anyway.