A skin I bougth has changed, I'd ask to have it changed back

So I bought the Vindi skin “Sarpati’s Revenge - Virge” a while ago. It looked sweet, with coiled snakes all over it and colored a light green-ish color.

Now, it’s been changed, and most of it is shiny and reflective, and the defining feature is relegated to small parts of the ship.

What is this. I wouldn’t have bought it if it looked like this. I understand that it’s not a big thing, but like, it is for me. What do we do when what we bought isn’t what we have anymore?


Make a thread apparently.

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Ah, you mean like when they removed two mid slots from the Procurer. All a bit like BMW turning up in the middle of the night and fitting a 1.4 litre engine to my 2.0 litre fully paid off car and then vanishing.

Now that’s something that almost made a noob leave the game…if CCP are looking for reasons for noobs leaving.


They change ships all the time. It’s pretty regular. And they’re in-game assets, pretty cheap ones too.

I paid for this with real money, and it wasn’t as cheap as a procurer.


Hm, yes, that skin looks like total garbage. The chrome is not even evenly distributed and looks like a spotty, dirty mess from most angles.

However, you can’t really do anything about it. You could try a support ticket so that they remove the skin from your library and refund the cost, but I doubt that it will go through.

The Igil variation received the same disastrous disprovement. This is what it looked like in the past:

This is it now:

Interestingly, this change must have happened at some point since November but there was no mentioning of skin design changes in patch notes at all. The first picture is from here.


Thank you! Exactly. I didn’t have a picture of my old Vindi. The Igil version looks at least somewhat better, you can kinda see the snake detail on the top panel. On the Virgil one, it’s almost invisible.

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But why? Why they change it?

I have seen them introduce a lot of bugs in past time, even now things working wonky like MTU not pulling wrecks, maybe its an error?

Imagine Marshal had some strange looking shiny spots on the hull for some time, out of nowhere, no matter what skin was used.

There were also migrations of holographic signage from skin to skin, as it turned out unintended.


Chances are, it is a bug.

Why was this flagged?

No idea probably some oversensitive snowflake without a sense of humor flagged it. Obviously wasn’t meant to be offensive or anything just as a joke for the situation.

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Have you tried changing the shader quality video setting?

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Looks like a bug to me! File a bug report if changing the shader doesn’t do anything:

This. Shader settings can have a lot of impact on ship skins.

Oh, I’ve changed around the shaders. It didn’t do anything. They changed the actual skin itself. And I put in a bug report weeks ago, they haven’t gotten back to me yet.

You have to own the TTT or a highsec Sotiyo to get away with bending the rules. Us plebs with Procurers don’t matter.

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I have max shader settings. Shaders do not change Skins like that. Let me show you what shaders to with skins:

High Shaders Igil skin:

Low Shaders Igil skin:

Shaders are definitely not the reason for this extreme skin quality reduction.


They are both ugly…

what ?

Which bit didn’t you understand ?

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The game would be much more fun if when you need to repair a ship, instead of just clicking twice and paying a bill, you have to go to a licensed player mechanic and haggle over the price of patching up the leaky hull and the engine gummed up with stasis webifier goo.


or taking the time to peel off all the ductape and tape glue

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