Why does imperial jubilee only get 13 skins

while steel cardinal has one for every caldari ship more or less?
Seems like a large disparity there. The skin lines are so inconsistent in quality and quantity.

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I just wish they would make solid shiny gold skins for Amarr ships, I want a proper golden fleet.


That’s what I want to, a dark gold wash with dark lights akin to the apoc imperial issue. A proper steel cardinal chrome equivalent in amarr fashion. I was excited when I saw jubilee and realized it doesn’t cover most of the ships and it was just another matte two tone. Take the purple shade and make that cold iron so it’s dark matte metallic purple instead of gray. Make jubilee gloss metallic gold.

Also lol at the big amarr decal they stuck on the side right next to the default amarr symbol found on most ships.

I went from ecstatic to disappointed in about 5 minutes once I’d gone through the list.
The skin department desperately needs new blood.


The technical reason is that it’s far harder to make a SKIN like that - something like Steel Cardinal is really nothing more than a palette and material swap - you change the color/specular values once and you can apply it to every one of their ships instantly.

Something like the Jubilee SKIN, on the other hand, has an image projected onto a ship that has to be set manually for every individual ship using that SKIN, making it take a lot longer to make them and limiting how many they’ll usually actually do.


are they out yet
i want the confessor one but theres none for sale

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Talk about inconsistency in quality and quantity for ship skins, Minmatar wins that title over all the others.

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yeah but thats the punishment you pay for flying minmatar.
but yes they do have by and far the worse skins.

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How to buy these skins?



They’ll release tomorrow iirc

Jamyl is the empress in game. We must riot!


They have been released today, but at a price gouge.

@CCP_Falcon - care to explain why these ship prices are twice (and a bit) more expensive than normal skins? And please don’t use “limited edition noob” style response either. Its not fair that those that wish to partake using those skins need to pay so much more for them.

The Valkyrie skins are 110 plex on an Abaddon. The same goes for the Raata and Tash-Murkon skins. But the Imperial Jubilee is 290 plex.

The total for the lot is 4480 PLEX, which converts over into proper money as £174.22 / €198.54 / $234.23 using the options presented on the PLEX store page. That is a goddamn gouge, and your marketing team should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

Edited to add: I should point out that my prices do not include the bonus PLEX. I don’t know if that is a short term deal or not. Even if it is, its still £169.98 / €193.69 / $228.72 for the lot.

The Raata Sunset and Tash Murkon SKINs are just color and/or material set changes, which are easier to produce and are far easier applied across all ships belonging to a given faction without additional work.

Ships with complex patterns like the Jubilee SKINs use a different technique called pattern projection, which means that each individual ship has to be skinned separately to make sure that the patterns line up and are not distorted.

Dedicating more time to them means they come at a higher PLEX cost. Will pass your comments and feedback on to our monetization team. :slightly_smiling_face:


Valkyrie skins however? They have a pattern added to them in the form of the wings, but they don’t cost any more than normal ones.

Dont listen to Falcon. Its because they want more money from you, simple as that. :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::psyccp:


The wings used on the Valkyrie SKIN were already designed, as they’re part of the Valkyrie logo, so they didn’t need to be created from scratch.

That said, I’ll pass on your feedback to the monetization team for sure :slight_smile:

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Yeah the costs of these special skins are ridiculous. It’s not like we’re getting splashy new animations or effects. We get a color change on one single ship for quite a bit of money. I mean, LOL charges a bunch of money for their skins but the experience of playing that character changes because they redo everything, even the background music sometimes. CCP changes the ship color from green to red and charges 7 bucks for it. /rolleyes.

To buy this set you could sub 2 accounts for almost a full year.

even regular skins cost too much, theyre still just palette swaps, like most of the clothing in game instead of original new models. a palette swap with a decal on the side shouldnt cost more than like 25plex/ thats why the sales are so low. no ones gonna spend 300 plex for that stuff. you guys shoulda learned in incarna.

when are you guys gonna put a color/mixer camo creator into the game and let us paint our own ships. rainbow six vegas did that over 10 years ago with character customization. customization options arent hard.

Way too many skins for way to big of a price. Not good CCP. If you spread themn out over the course of a year then yeah I would buy them but unless these skins are going to be sold again the next year I may have to pass. Are these going to be sold again? I mean xome on you need to spend 250 dollars to get all the skins and with such short sale span it makes me wonder what the ■■■■ you guys were thinking in trying to charge such prices with such a limited sale span before they are gone. What kind of business plan is that?! Who came up with this idea because as much as I like nice skins I dont feel like dumping 250 dollars on skins. Like I said if it was over the span of a year then i would be able to scrounge some money and you would in the long term make MORE money because then the common man can afford it but this is just a joke?..6 DAYS…SIX DAYS!? This is the worst business plan I have seen in a long time. This is supposed to be a time of celebration…not a time to exploit your costumers!

its not even a celebration standpoint, its just a monetary one. they dont put that much work into these skins. yet they expect people to pay like theyve built an entirely new game several times.

if ccp released the program they use and a template for these skins people could make better skins in half the time and do it for free. why are they charging money for customization when other games offer more in depth features standard. smh i had the same issue with dust 514.