Why does imperial jubilee only get 13 skins

I’m surprised at the level of irritation some have for optional, personal preference type stuff. No argument by players is going to change CCP’s course, since the Incarna arguments removed “gold ammo” type game-affecting items from their drawing board.

One way to spin it is a pat-on-the-back for the art team; patterned designs are much more interesting than color replacers. That said, the one design I have ever purchased directly WAS a color replace type, Rosada Dawn. Because a portion of the money was donated to a good cause.

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What I am concerned about is if its just this week the skins are available, and then never again. It would be kind of odd to spend time making the skin for every ammar ship (it is good skin so I would like that) and just have it avaliable just a week in a year.

I would like some special event to signal the release of a new skin but not be just available then, it encourages rush buying out of concern can never get it again.

I would like that though that would eliminate how amazing and fancy the imperial whatever apoc or the gold magnet.

  1. The costs of festive goods are not a concern for the Amarr Empire or its subjects, of course. Would you as an imperial Amarrian subject haggle about the prices of things in a public forum? In front of these… these… Well, common foreigners?
  2. The Other did it.
  3. What, are you Ammatar?
  4. The Broker.
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If you’ve released a Prophecy Imperial Jubilee SKIN, why can’t you release one for the Damnation? Likewise for Dragoon and Pontifex. As far as graphical asset and texture they are the exact same ship. There is no extra work involved. I don’t understand at all limiting the SKINs in this way.

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There are lots of ships that don’t get the Tash Murkon SKIN that I wish did. But (almost?) every Amarr ship has a Raata Sunset. So there’s some inconsistency there, why don’t the rest of the Amarr ships get Tash Murkon if it’s as easy as that? I much prefer it to Raata Sunset, personally.

i will pay extra for a navy Armageddon version of the skin, why its not there already considering its the same bloody ship as the regular Armageddon that already has it is beyond me.

well i got my confessor skin and nearly got blown up when i went to jita but they were too slow to catch me in my confessor
shoulda checked my defense mode before spending 10m to activate the killright lol

When those jubilee skins will be available again ? (in 1 year is the wrong answer, eve market is also a wrong answer )

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