[SKINS] Like New / Pristine versions of base skins

If you zoom in close to the base skins for many if not all ships, they often look well worn. The paint has scratches, chips, and wear around edges/corners, and there’s charring from exhausts. For many ships (especially Amarr) I really like the base pallette and skin, but I want it to be pristine–especially when it’s a brand new ship I just bought.

Please make Pristine versions of base skins!

( Alternatively, make a Pristine version of every skin, and a usable Paragon Brand Ship Polish to unlock the pristine version of the current skin )

I want to fly ships with their original look, but maintained as if factory new.

You’re probably one of those OCD individuals that’s seen cleaning his ship every time he undocks… :rofl:

I’m CDO which is like OCD except that the letters are in alphabetical order like they should be.

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You are aware of the clean ship button right?


omg I thought that was just going to remove skins/emblems.

Thank you!

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