ADD OPTION: Disable ship dirt

Hello, after more than 5 years since introduction it would be nice to finally see an option to disable “dirt and dust on ships” feature. Other than lowering shader quality i mean. Please. Im sure this was mentioned a million times. Also all the similar topics i managed to find were locked.

Add option: Disable ship dirt
  • YES, I want this too
  • NO, i do not like this

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Thank you for your votes!

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Just wash it, it’s like 2 clicks.


Im sure you know how much water goes for in space :smile:

(2 clicks is per ship @Scoots_Choco, not whole fleet in hangar. Because of course it is. I like my ships clean. Space is clean in my imagination. Where is all this dust coming from anyway? How much dirt can there still be if im constantly shoveling it out of the hangar? Are hangars made of dirt?)

Either way - thank you for your reply.

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It’s not in this game.

There is no point not to have this added in my view i would guess most people do not care about dirt in the first place. The ships getting dirty has no real use in game so should be a toggle you can have it on if you like or not if you just want a clean ship. I know people say you can just clean it but that is just added a few clicks for the sake of adding a few clicks.

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I like the dirt! I have ships older than that feature that have not undocked since it was introduced. It’s the only way I can tell how old some of my hulls are. :laughing:


First let me say that I do like the Dirt Accumulation feature.

However I did vote yes to add the option of disabling the Dirt Accumulation feature, simply because I value player freedom of choice.

By the way, there is dust and dirt in space. Also I can understand why my ships collect dust and dirt in the Docking Bay, it’s because of all those Mining Ships constantly moving in and out of stations.

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Leftovers of protoplanetary disks, asteroid debree, collision dust, all polarized by star’s radiation and thus attracted to the electrostatically charged hull of your ship? Space is a dirty place. IRL there is like several thousand tons of soot swept over by Earth’s gravitational well every day.


Ahhhh, so you’re to blame. :laughing:

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Space (REAL space) is far from clean. I suggest you go grab a couple books on Astronomy and Stellar creation from the library and disabuse yourself of the idea that space is clean.


I do not believe that real space is clean @Zora_e. Im sorry for not making it clear. All i want is less tedium in my games. This game lets you do that. You CAN turn off dirt by lowering shader quality a bit. Yes it has a downside. Im just asking of not having to press a button to get a banana.

And thank you all for your replies.


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