Clean All Ships in Hangar

When I clean the dirt and grime from one ship I sometimes feel like doing spring cleaning on all of the ships in the hangar. Currently each ship has to be activated and cleaned one at a time.

The current button for cleaning the active ship should stay of course. It gives flexibility and allows for individual ships to be cleaned, while leaving out others.

Adding a 2nd button to clean all the ships in the current docked station would be very convenient. This falls into the small ‘quality of life’ improvements category. Cleaning is not a big thing, but it can get a tiny bit annoying and repetitive.

There is no cost and no materials needed for the current one ship cleaning method - so I don’t see a logical downside to adding a new ability to clean all ships at once. It would save time and mouse clicks.

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Better Idea, in my opinion, put a button to opt-out of dirty ships. Pushing buttons needlessly (it seems needless) is not fun game play and I do this everytime i use a ship that is in the least bit dirty, so every ship i use every day which is about 5-7 depending upon what I’m doing.

Doing this isnt so annoying for a week or a month but it starts to really be annoying as the months and years go by.

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I agree - I would also like an option to opt-out of dirt. But when I searched the forums the idea has already been suggested a number of times and seemed to be ignored by CCP in the past. Frustrating.

That’s why I tried suggesting a “Clean All” button as the next nearest thing that would make cleaning less annoying.

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