RLY? Atron gets new design?!

Is it true or just some new 3rd party fan-arts have been published, as usual? As well as Celestis hull, this fugly baby really need it.

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Does it look more or less penis-like?

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Finally found it in Twitter.
Judge for yourself: https://twitter.com/Akrasjel_Lanate/status/1132227326442385408


Looks like a fest presentation, so it could be a dev design. Appears consistent with rework of the Navitas and Velator. Redesigns such as this have been abandoned before, so time will tell.

I would not be surprised if CCP maintain their expert-level trolling of the player base by updating literally any ship other than the Imicus. A proud Icelandic tradition.

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The Imicus is already true perfection.

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There are quite a few other ships that are far worse off and could use a redesign before they touch the Atron.

If this was only fan-art, I’d say fire the artists at CCP and hire whoever this was.

Current atron is way better

In a manner of speaking, I agree.

Once we dreamed of putting frozen corpses on the Incursus’ “lance”.

OK now you are trolling.

They were also showing Thorax and Imicus, so a gallente pack, to be honest i think they look somewhat wimpy, like too much softness in those designs, or maybe its the potato heritage… There was also burst and scalpel that looked very good.

So it’s a green punisher.

The only good thing about an Atron is it’s ability to gank a venture economically with burnt out modules.

It really is cheaper than repairing them in my opinion.

Praise James 315.

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