New Hulls for Carriers

So You guys redid the chimera not long ago so instead of all the nerfing Not that things don’t need it give us Updated hulls for the other 3 factions the gallente amarr and minmatar want some love. you gave a redo to a carrier that’s barely used in null

That would have been the logical step.

Redesign all 4 carriers and release the new ship hulls at the same time.

CCP never does anything logicially.

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The new Chimera looks like garbage and I don’t want CCP to touch any of the other hulls for fear of what they’ll do. All they need is a bit of a texture update imo.

Well, except maybe for the Aeon.


They will eventually do that

maybe if they don’t fire everyone first

As long as they leave the Thanny, Archon, and Nyx alone, god damn are those some sexy hull designs.

Also… how about instead of wasting their time on updating hulls, they spend more time (budget) balancing the game?

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Well, balance is not part of the Art Team, but I prefer if the reduce the time they spent on Skins and more on Updating Hulls.

A recent stream by CCP…BunnyVirus I think, showed them working on the new Osprey model. Still that Caldari bias :frowning:

Fact is ccps lazy. They should have been done with the overhaul years ago.

Do all the frigates at once. Now the frigates are done, destroyers easy, done. Cruisers. Then bcs and bs done. Caps done. Transports. Done. Mining ships done.

Going through the roster and picking out one ship at a time is beyond inefficient.
At the very least you should be selecting a branch of ships by manufacturer and design then by that manufactuers design.
So the incursus, vexor, myrmidon, Dominix. Say duvolle or whoever makes the “drone ships” and do them all at once so they look like a cohesive set from duvolle. Then blaster, ewarfare

Ccp chose the worst possible way to do it and they’re years behind schedule with something that could have been finished long ago. By the time they finish overhauling ships in 2040 Eve will be shut down or they will have to stop mid way to overhaul the outdated hulls that were already overhauled.
But ea’s exec high in CCP has to generate all these skins and microtransactions.

They’ve been doing structure’s and stations, the t3 cruisers, weapon effects, star effects, planets and so on and so on…

The list is a mile long, and when you get near the end it’s time to update everything again.

Things that are fine right now probably fall to the bottom of the to-do list. Where as the osprey/navitas are probably higher priority because, well look at them…

No need to update all carriers at once if it’s only one of them that players think is fugly.

I agree and personally extract; when talking about remodeling ships; the fact that they spent a lot of time on new items and the last few months in those things you mention

But we have new Skins almost every month. Something that was supposed to be “player made” was shift to CCP Made and from exclusive and funsy to overwhelming(At least to me)

And they are not easy to make, cause they need to check every single ship of the ones they want to have it, so the skin fits.

Personally, I think they should expend less time on skins, move them to 3-4 per year or events, and more on other stuff, including remodeling ships.

Another thing I miss is a roadmap for the remodeling of ships.

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Well skins are much quicker to do than remodelling. And when you remodel, you have to redo all the skins.

Don’t know what happened to the player tool for skins but imagine the amount of dicks that’d be plastered across ships. I bet player made skins would have to be pre-approved.

All i wanted was dawn of war like colours/slight model variations that’d fit in a rig-type slot. It’d be simpler but perhaps wouldn’t work with micro transactions.

What I would like to see the most are unique or at least modified pirate ships. Guristas is stealing the designs of Caldari (which I think is a lazy excuse, but I’ll just go with it for now) but those designs should have been modified to use launchers instead of guns and should have an expanded/additional drone bay that’s visible on the shape of the hull.
I know it’s not easy to make completely different ship designs for everyone, but can we at least have some upgrades or clear modifications?

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Well, in the case of the Guristas I agree that some feature is left in the hulls but not the hulls them selfs as they were part of the Caldary Navy, taking already good design ships and just modifying them to fulfill their approach.

The same goes for the Serpentis, as their ships were a modification of Gallente Ships by the Guardian Angels.

For me the only one; sub-capital; I wish they remodel with a unique hull is the Bhaal. Mainly because Blood Raiders was not a Main Part of the Amarr Empire even if they were part of their religious past and only steal the BP and modify it. The second reason is that the Cruiser and Frigate were redesigned a long time ago but the BS was missed for reasons =(

They never touched t3 cruisers. And 95% of t3 cruiser subsystems are aleady ugly to begin with.

There’s no point to pick out one at a time.
They did the maller a few years ago and never fixed the omen, arbitrator or augoror. It’d already time to update the maller to be as detailed up close as the caldari ships get.
They ruined the exequror and vexor. Yet no update for celestis or thor-dildo
Why not do the racial cruisers together or hull classes together.

Like I said they could have finished years ago. No one looks at structures. And I turn off all that debris crap and remove it from my overview. I only get 14 fps tops. Game is unplayable with all that stuff cluttering up space

They forgot to make a sansha dreadnought model too. It’s just a bronze colored revelation. And the sansha carrier needs to be completely redone.

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They did when the subsystems were reduced.

Because not all ships in a class are ugly. Take your maller example.

The maller was ugly. The omen, augoror and arbie aren’t, or were at least less ugly.

There’s no rational reason to do ships by class. It’s just your ocd.

They didn’t. They use the existing models for the NPCs. You forget the Angel Cartel Dread and Carrier NPCs which right now are Minmatar Models BUT they are going to be exclusive models in the near future as Sansha will have too.

Is not easy to remodel the ships as they have more polygons now than before and they need to adjust them to the Skin Tech so they are easy to handle both.

Yes there is, if they pick a couple at a time the result is crappy; like the first remodels of the Vexor.

They needed years of manpower just to update to Shader3 and ONLY copy/paste, and some touches, the existing models back in 2007 with Trinity Expansion. They couldn’t finish years ago.

You are the one who doesn’t look at Structures. If they were crappy, they couldn’t sell them and you would be there to cry out loud the first. You think that if your computer cant handle the Structure, can handle new models? You’re wrong. If you have a Crappy computer, don’t blame CCP blame your self.

Actually they didn’t.
One of the assets were removed from each type, the others were shuffled around a bit, the core systems now have one of the old defense systems glued to them.
No model updates or new designs were made.

They didnt remodel them, but they touch them a little so they can fit properly with the models and update them so they have the Tech necessary for Skins.