New Hulls for Carriers

they also need to either make the fax smaller or everything else bigger, also, stations in general need to be bigger

they killed the chimera why the hell would you want the same thing done to the archon? the thanny? and god save the nid if these guys get their hands on it

Last time I remember them talking about this situation, it was something like “we want to go with bigger but we need to find a way to make bumping less retarded when you use them in group before it happen.”

and then they added FAXs… always felt this was a bit BS anyway. i mean dreads alone are bigger than carriers and supers. if anything bumping on cyno is just a small drawback to dropping a ball of capitals

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Make this easy leave the old design and add the new ones. No need to replace ■■■■ in the game and or just make other one a faction.

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the chimera looks better now though. its just missing its little charming trex arms at the front.

other carriers look like poo. and then you have the sansha carrier which is an actual flying space poo.

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The archon looks great, reminds me of pizza.

how does it look better? used to look like a beast that could take a pounding. now it looks like it would snap if it turned its engines on to fast

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