Fly It Like You Stole It and other SKIN ideas

(Arrendis) #1

So, just a thought here, but it’d be really awesome to get a Minmatar SKIN for Amarr subcapital hulls. Call it ‘StolenProperty’ or something. Basically, the standard Amarr aesthetic, covered in tribal graffiti.

It’d also be nice to have the full range of faction SKINs available for all hulls. If an Amarr pilot can join the Gallente Militia, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be flying Federation colors on their Abaddon. State loyalists should be able to fly their Ravens under the colors of any of the Big Eight, not just Wiyrkomi.

Megacorp, House, Tribe, and national SKINs should apply to at least all subcaps. Please.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #2

suggested this a few times as a way to add more to the FW LP stores

however since t2 use corp skins not race skins I would say all t1 rather than all sub caps

(Dior Ambraelle) #3

I think we could also have skins for the 12 NPC schools, as another way to waste LP and ISK.

(Arrendis) #4

At the very least, let’s get some school sweatshirts!

Pator Tech Class of 110! Go Panthers!

(system) #5

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