Budget Factionskins (Main 4) for every Ship // Ship-Dying Editor

Please consider making factionskins (of the Main 4 Factions) available for every ship on a relatively small budget (in the capitals maybe), or let us dye parts of the ship in an Editor to create a smiliar effect and support additional optical diversity (or uniformity, as players see fit) within shiptypes.

In depth:
Some players might enjoy the design of their chosen faction (for example Minmatar). Now that there is war between the 4 factions, ships get espionaged, stolen, pirated and so on and players drift away (optically) from their initially chosen faction and ships of other factions get used on a regular basis. I would like to have the possibility to represent a certain main faction in my ships visuals even though I use another factions shiptype.

A few examples:

  • A Minmatar Player builds/buys a new ship (an Amarr Omen). They might want to use that ship as a Minmatar dyed/skinned Omen. They use the next appearence facility / base / Faction SKIN Shop and can customize the Omen appearence to resemble a more Minmatarrian Design. (Which, on the most simple implementation of this idea, is just changig white and gold to red and brown colors). Maybe premium versions can be available with additional solar collectors (in the Minmatarrian example) or maybe they can be integrated in the standard version, as CCP sees fit.

  • Some players, who enjoy playing a law abiding capsuleer, might want to use the best ships to hunt their counterpart individuals and thus need to use similar ships as pirate faction ships are quite the meta. The above example applies again, they can change to a visual faction version and enjoy flying their now faction true ship. This is also a quite logical thing lore wise since I think the Main 4 would research their enemys ships quite heavily to make this technology their own.

  • Corporations/Alliances/Federations might want to use similar lowbudget skins to look uniform and fly a large impressive fleet in the name their chosen faction. If these groups want to maintain a certain independence the ship dying editor would be a great addition to maybe just dye a certain ship-part or a certain color to show their allegiance.

I’m sure there a more examples and application possibilities, though these are the main ones for me.
Please feel free to comment and add feedback as I’m curious of what other players think of this idea and what are additional pro’s and con’s.

Fly safe o7
Khacia Fides

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yeah, we were supposed to be the ones making skins, then when they ‘tested our interest’ we through so much money at them the marketing department began killing anyone at ccp that even thought about reminding players of this fact.

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@Lugh_Crow-Slave thank you for your reply.

I saw your post on a similar topic at SKINs for Omega subscribers. I understand, that CCP needs to make a ROI as a profit orientated company.

@Complex_Math 's idea of tying that to Omega is quite good IMO. I wouldn’t hesitate to pay a couple PLEX to buy an accountwide “faction representator” Status either to contribute on the investment CPP makes. Not all features should be tied to real world money though as that blurrs the overall quality of a game and creates rejection.

Ever since, EVE stood out to me as a game which could be played entirely real world money free with just playing the game but also enjoying the same comfort as a real world paying player (as you can pay your monthly fee with ISK) if you are good enough.

Feeling attached to a game is important in creating bonds between players and developers through the game itself which results in players being more involved. Being able to further customize your ships on a budget would improve this feeling of being involved and attached since you create a deeper bond with your character and their ships so it would profit CCP in the long run as well.

According to finance the idea, they could think about the addition Faction SKINs who add to certain mechanics. This doesn’t need to be big but for example a diplomacy-bonus or faction standing bonus when doing pvp/pve could be a great addition when you are using a Ship with an attachement to that specific main faction. This would also help with the “problem” that when you try to rebuild bad rep with one of the Big 4, you could do that a little bit easier just by “flying under their flag” and earn more rep that way. This would make the implementation of this feature even more desireable as it also gets interesting for “min-maxers” If you then tie it to a small PLEX cost, the system could be profitable in the long run.

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