Curious inquiry regarding ship skins and who chooses which skins to make at CCP

It feels off putting to see certain ships have many and sometimes what feels uncessary number of skins, while other ships are sincerely lacking.

I understand that skins are designed to drive revenue and they likely took some analytics on which were the most popular ships and started with those.

But doesn’t it seem more reasonable in the long scheme of things to take 1 ship class, for every race 1 skin at a time until you’ve reached the desired number of skins for that ship class?

To me I don’t understand why an Aeon has more skins than all Stealth Bombers, or Covert ops ships for example. Millions of people are more likely to use A covert ops ship and stealth bomber over the next few years, than an Aeon.

This is a very frustrating concept to me, that I can’t see beyond. Perhaps help explaining why CCP chose to make a dozen skins for a VNI yet has less than 5 for many other ships, is mind boggling.


But an Aeon pilot is far more likely to spend PLEX to make their super expensive ship look pretty.


This isn’t really a good example, 99% of the time you won’t even see the skin on a covops or bomber cause you’re cloaked.


The only person who cares what skin is on your ship…is you.


Can I just have a matt black Machariel skin? That would actually convince me to get one.

An Aeon pilot is less likely to purchase plex to buy skins, as someone who has that much isk can just buy plex from the market.

Not even sure where you get your information from either. “Thinking” isn’t evidence.

Regardless of where the plex comes from they make it go away. It doesn’t matter to CCP who.bought it. just that it gets used

Are they? Considering that their ships will only be used in potato mode and zoomed out so that you cannot see the ship at all, I doubt that claim.

I think you need to see the parking lot (when we’re not at war) and see how many SKINned capitals there are.

Too many, yes, but the NES skins are put on only by stupid people and disgusting whales.

So… those people who own supers and titans…

That makes no difference. Somebody has to buy the PLEX for real money to seed it on the market. As long as somebody is buying it, and somebody is spending it, CCP doesn’t really give a crap who is doing which part.

I’m getting that from actual pilots I know in-game. As well as from my own opinions on the matter, as I too like to fly big expensive ships.

That’s just flat out wrong. 99.9% of the time Supers are used to rat, and 99.9% of the time Titans are just used for bridges and bozon ratting. Most of the PVP they see is as part of a defensive super umbrella where they pretty much just drop defensively on small gangs trying to gank ratters/miners. (No need for potato mode there.)

The type of massive super fights where you’re in potato mode zoomed out to see the battlefield are in fact excessively rare. We’ve seen two so far this year, and even if it holds at that, that is a huge statistical anomaly.

The majority of the supers and titans are only used in these battles, and for ratting only you see it. Great stuff. Under these talking points the skins are just as useful as character clothing: Not at all because you cannot show them off most of the time.

You’d be wrong, capital skins are all the rage. Also, not everyone has to run in potato mode to get decent performance with a capital.


This topic was not intended to draw a direct comparison from Titan ships to the rest of the ships in game, it was to draw an over all comparison that some ships have vastly more ship skins than others. My inquiry is why is this, and why does CCP feel the need to what seems jump all over the place with skins instead of giving every ship a fair shake.

“Your opinion” is not evidence, and talking with people in game is also not evidence. Analytics that show how many titan skins purchased, versus let’s say Cerberus skins purchased, would be evidence. I don’t care “What you think” or “How you feel” or “Who you talk to” Those are emotional assessments not based with evidence. Not using actual stats, and facts leads you to becoming a democrat, don’t ever do that.

First. Name calling is a fail. As is trying to assign any political bent a lack of analytics.

Secondly observational data is a valid analytic. It’s not a super accurate or reliable one sure. But since none of us have access to server stats it’s the only metric we can provide ourselves.

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Personally i think skins are distastefull however if there was a possibility of aquiring a brand skin like skittles or coke you’d have my attention

You did no observe over 100,000 titan pilots versus 10 million other pilots buying skins. Name calling? Democrat weird didn’t realize it’s a bad word. Apparently it is though.,34635,34640,34653,34746,34696

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I often take a look at the capitals hanging around in the parking lot, and I do see a lot, maybe the majority, with SKINs. And not just capitals of course.