SKINs Allocated Disproportionately

I’m noticing a growing disparity in the creation of new SKINs for different ships. In particular, factions like SoE seem to get a new one every couple weeks while the Sansha haven’t gotten anything aside from the old victory skin and the Glacial Drift one. Blood Raiders seem to be in a similar situation. The new SKINs coming out look great in general, and I would like to see them distributed more evenly. My Nightmare really needs some love!

It’s weird enough that we capsuleers seem to be directly funding terrorist organizations like the Bloody Hand of Matar and the Equilibrium of Mankind via purchases of their SKINs (and sanctioned by the CONCORD’s Secure Commerce Commission, apparently).

So yeah, why not.

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Then tell CCP to make them available as ingame loot drops instead of paywall limited items.

There are skins available as event loot drops - including the Glacial Drift for the Nightmare. Premium skins will remain NES exclusive. We want CCP to continue developing the game and they need to pay their developers with real world money. The PLEX used to buy items from the NES can be acquired in-game for ISK but someone needs to purchase them from CCP for cash first.

The problem I have with purchasing skins for cloaky ships is you can’t see them even when you’re flying the ship!

Please teach me how you play EVE without paying subscription or plexing your accounts? :slightly_smiling_face:

Annecdotal story: In the past, before micro transactions, CCP employed more people, had more studios and more projects running and completely relied on subscription income to fund everything and generated profits.

I generate enough income in-game to PLEX my accounts but it took a while to get to the point where all my industrial characters were fully trained and I could use those subscription queues for skill farming. I still buy subscription time when it’s on sale - i.e. half price Galaxy Packs.

CCP did very well in the early years when Eve was growing rapidly, then overextended themselves and lost a lot of money for several years. They got their act together and have been very profitable for the past few years. Microtransactions - especially skill extractors, played a large part in that. External investors provided the capital for the VR initiative and I suspect one or more of those investors got impatient and pulled their investment resulting in the cancellation of the project a few months ago. We’ll learn more when they submit their 2017 financials. VR is unlikely to go mainstream without foveated rendering and could still be a few years away.

I love that part. Customers having to fix the problems perfectly fine working companies create themselves. Always great.

Alpha clones…

My guess (I don’t have done any research at all) would be that the SoE ships are simply wildly more popular in use and thus the person responsible at CCP thinks it more profitable yanking out SKIN after SKIN for SoE instead of diversifying… It’s all only about the money…

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