Where is new skins for Legion?

After patch CCP added to some Ammar ships new skins called “Crown and swords”. Why legion ignored in this skin line ? CCP pls. I want new legion skin.

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I would like 1 good skin for the legion.

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Yeah. How many skin’s legion do have? 3? Compared to other T3, especially pop Loki/tengu.

Ccp maybe remove legi and prot from the game. You only care about tengus and lokis.

the problem with T3 skins is that there are variable configurations for the hull.

the Legion and Loki & Protious change drastically is geometry with each SS.
the Tengu dose not

this is a contributing factor in time and asset allocation related to SKINS
the tengu benefits from its design in as much as it is easier to change out color patterns without having to tweak each component. where extra time would be required to adjust and refine variable Geometric outcomes for the other 3 hulls.

the same issue was present with the T3Ds for a long time as CCP struggled to apply the overlays to moving parts (graphical issues existed in game for a long time around this) kill marks would float off of the asset and skin textures could become detached.

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Yeah, the technical difficulties associated with making skins for the T3 ships is a good explanation of why there’s not a lot of skins available.


Course in keeping balance, CCP could allocate more time for the team to work on skins for the more difficult T3’s instead of just quickly releasing a whole bunch of skins for the easy ones.

But then that would lower the cash grab, right?