Opening up art assets

Is CCP open to supporting the project linked above?
Historically CCP have been very generous with its IP art assets. If CCP continues this trend with the open-source community I would be delighted.

I realise there are difficulties to be considered but please ask the question anyway.


What exactly are you asking for?

That is a good question. I won’t lie, initially I wanted to use this tool to illustrate my private stories in association with NPCs. But thinking on it a little it would probably be best used to assist the art team in rapidly prototyping ship skins across the board.
That would require CCP to give vetted volunteers (ISD?) licence to feed the AI with accurate imagery and descriptors.

The genie is out of the bottle anyway, strike first, strike fast.

I think, at a guess, the OP is asking to ‘train’ an image generating AI with Eve art assets so that it can generate more authentic images when given Eve related instructions.

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