Textures on ships

So the textures on the ships for eve can be extracted using Tri Exporter. There is a pmdg map that can come out if the textures. I wonder is there a way to separate the textures into their own maps.
Like having the glow separated from the dirt and such or the normal maps being seperated from the Occulsion map.

Seeing as im trying to do them in unity and I don’t wanna remake every individual map.

Aren’t they copyrighted ?

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Doesn’t matter if it’s not for profit.

I am wondering what you’re looking at. Can you share a screenshot of what you’ve extracted?

Yes, that depends if it’s authorized.
It’s also copyright protected, and so on.
They also have trademarks.

Context. CCP doesn’t care as long as it’s not for profit.

Yes, it means that they authorize it as long as it’s not done in abuse.

They don’t care that it’s being used in the sense that, they would interfere against the right to use it without written permission, which, they wrote before, that it was allowed.

They have a policy to allow their intellectual property derived from their work to be used without profit, except in so far as someone does get a license from them to organize for profit offers, depending on whether the authorize or not, not based on facts which are not related to their authorization, like , some other generalization .

They used to allow people to accept donation to cover costs of operation, as long as those payments for donations were not over the costs of operations, or, for profit, like, profit from gambling.

Captain Obvious strikes again.

Not bad considering I had to contact security about it last night, less than 5 hours ago.

Yes there is. I used GIMP to do that. There is option called decomposition. You can compose images too.

Yeah i found out about decomposition today and i just merged the dirt maps to the albedo. The normals are weird and dont really work or that i see.

The way EVE uses normal maps from texture is a strange thing, for Blender that uses more usual setup, the file extracted have to be decomposed and then composed differently, changing channels as described in the link.

Yeah I found for a few maps I had to rotate images. Tho I need to find a unity shader that supports all the maps

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