Looking into extracting proteus 3D files, want clarification & help!

Howdy folks, as title suggests I’m looking at potentially ripping some proteus models from the game in order to try printing them out on my new ender 3 V2, I had a look on the usual sites like thingiverse and the problem is they have exported models with the (objectively) wrong subsystems.

So firstly, what is CCP’s stance on exporting models from the game, is it frowned upon? Do they encourage the community to print and paint ships from their games? I have to admit I’m completely unsure on this.

Secondly what would you recommend in order to achieve this, I’ve seen a few older threads mentioning software that may or may not be out of date (tri exporter I believe was one of them).

And lastly, is it even possible to export a proteus model with the desired subsystems or is the configuration in the already available models (on thingiverse etc) simply the “default” that will always be exported when attempting this.

Any insight is greatly appreciated,
cheers o7

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I believe CCP doesnt go after peeps who do things for themselves or dont sell anything from files, or derivative works.

There is 12 subsystems you can export for each strategic cruiser, or one of the already assembled combinations, already assembled will have your desired subsystems. There is a lot of combinations, so you will have to find your model.
Triexporter works, I just used it.

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Ah I see, yeah I had no intention of selling the models, I just want to have a wee model of my beloved proteus haha.

I shall look into triexporter now and see if I can export the desired subsystems, thanks for the input, Nana! :slight_smile:

Some advice in that thread.

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Thank you very much o7
I’ll post again should I run into any issues I’m unable to solve myself or when the print is finished. Thanks again, Nana!

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