Anyone know how to get ships model?

(gegul) #1

Howdy everyone.

I wanna make a 3D video using ships model.
I tried all of this link --> How to Extract 3D Ship Model and Skins?

First, eve online ship models file format, gr2 has updated.
so I couldn’t get models

Second I know GitHub
but this model couldn’t be applied ships texture in blender.

Anyone know how to get new ships model?


(Snowlight Campbell) #2

I want to know how too…

(Nana Skalski) #3

I use:
Triexported dont export the files? You dont have to save them as gr2, triexporter can save as different format usable in blender. But I am afraid some meshes may not be included in the model.

I used:
TriExporter with newest granny2.dll to unpack the directory with models and textures from EVE files
Granny Viever to see what there is actually in the files.
Grnreader98 with newest granny2.dll to extract models from .gr2 to .smd with submeshes.
Milkshape trial to convert .smd to .obj
Blender for remodeling and texturing.

Textures I exported and converted with some other tool able to read that format from EVE. I dont remember now what it was. I will check when back at home. (Its SageThumbs)

Also if the “download everything” option is not turned on in launcher, the game will lack files for you to export and it will result in broken exports of files that in fact doesnt exist in game files on your computer.