How to get ship colour for 3D models?

Dunno if this goes here but

Is there a way that you are able to get the colours for 3d ship models.
For example the triglavian stuff has sort of different colours like the ikitursia has a black part in the middle and the rest is a sort of green colour

Wondering if theres a way to get that colour or if it’s better to just get the UV map layout and colouring that instead.

I know most of the world spells it that way but color looks really funny with a u in it.
I think the models are as is.

Yeah, they mostly are. I found a blender shader with nodes but it makes it look wacky and there’s like colours intersecting on places where colours should be but eh I guess it’s the best I can find.

Would be cool how to find out how to make it look less trash and look like it came out of a crappy PS2 game

Did you see this?

There is a part about extracting the textures and someone at the end posted how to get the colours too, even with a sample file.

Yeah I managed to get the colours, however they look very scuffed and there’s colours where there shouldn’t be on the trig ships. And the trig ball is weird because it’s texture isn’t like a pure round texture it’s weird

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