How do I use eve models and textures in software like blender?

Hi, I dunno if this is the correct parts of the forums to ask for this but;

I was wanting to be making some animations for fun, and thought eve would be cool to do it with.

For this I was hoping to be able to use some models like ships etc. and I’ve found a way to use the triexporter to find and acquire the models and files with it.

But, since I’m very new to the use of Blender, and how these textures, colours, and so on work I’ve been unable to put the right coulours and details on the actual model.

Is there a step by step guide on how to acquire these colours from the channels and applying them in software like Blender in the right way?

I’ve seen tons of cool animations, intros etc. from eve on youtube, but I haven’t found a thorough step by step list or similar that’s easy enough to follow even if one haven’t used such programs before but have been modelling in the likes of fusion without textures and renderings.

if this needs moving to a different part of the forum, please do.

Thanks for any help, tips and advice!

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This thread might be helpful, don’t know.

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