Eve Models and Textures

Hello good people of eve, have you ever had the need or the feeling that you need something that is ours to have ? i am having it right now, i need to see the textures and models of this beautifull game in my bare hands, i want to paint and play with them, do you guys know how to get them in 2023? Triexporter is down, you cant extract them from the game without crashing the app. there are some places where you can find the models, but what everyone wants and needs are the textures, can you help a fellow capsuleer?

first why the pve tag and second I think there is a way but I don’t rember it

You can find the models on GitHub, but If you are 3d printing them, to get the skin you want you need to paint it yourself(or pay someone to paint it for you) and to do that, you would have to look at a picture of the skin, or have eve open.

Github Models


Sorry if i am not understanding what you are asking.

Idk if you know, or need a refresher, but a texture is a 2d image placed over the 3d model to give it the appearance of detail and color and make it more interesting to look at
A model(in the file format of: .stl .obj .glb or .usdz) is just the shape of the object, you put the texture(s) on the model, and (in this case) get a cool looking spaceship

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