How to Extract 3D Ship Model and Skins?

I just extracted Reaper and textures, the high detail ones. So it looks like it works. Just have to use the correct software like described above. Imported .obj into Blender as usual. No crash.


Think you may of cracked it for me. ‘Download Everything’ within the client may of helped it; that or just looked up the rifter within game to force the download I guess at the time worked.

Guessing that the main part of not having the cache full would of been the problem; so thank you for pointing me in the right direction :slight_smile:

I can get back to doing some designing again after a few years out :slight_smile:


Yes, download all must have fixed it I think, sometimes I am using the stuff I wrote there also if I forget something.

To show what actually can be made, I modified Reaper, corvette. Just because I always wanted it to look symetrical.

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Nice work Nana,

Would be interesting if you could spare some time if possible showing some of the ropes with the new exporting/applying way? Or if you know a resource explaining the new process. It appears it’s changed a little since the skin system has been put into place.

I would guess it’s something like the same system but various RGB channels now apply different effect once the material (within the 3D software) is affected?

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But I dont know, I only assume the materials are somehow described in engine because that PMDG texture is a material layout file inside green channel. With some effects like light streaks shining away from the ship or engine effects its that they are added in engine as separate objects, they are not on models extracted, so I think they need to be created in Blender from scratch.

Some examples of using recolored material texture for coloring:

Now I have found only this but need to test it:

For using material ID textures in Blender to show separate materials there.

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Ok, so after reading this answer in link above I created a reference file for Blender 2.8 with shaders and textures.

It can be used as example when creating the shaders for other EVE ships. Some Knowledge of Blender is needed.
It is using recolored Material ID texture extracted from the EVE _PMDG texture.

If you are creating new Material texture for Blender, it have to be recolored to RGB in GIMP (select by color tool, then bucket fill tool, pure RGB values) or some other picture editor after extracting from DDS file, because EVE uses greyscale.

Read here how to extract files and make them usable in Blender.


This is facinating! Thank you!
Is it possible to do this with our characters as well?
Sky boxes would be interesting as well come to think of it…

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Characters need a lot more work because the meshes and textures are all in pieces with submeshes, have to be extracted as gr2 files then converted in Milkshape software that is not free. Also more extensive knowledge of Blender is needed to assemble character meshes, sculpt face so it looks like your character, add skeleton to make pose or animate, fix textures so they are transparent where needed etc…
But the albedo is actually colored for characters clothing and body, so no need to build the shaders with materials ID just to show color.

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Wow, thanks!.
So the features we sculpt on our characters are server side, not client?
I suppose that would make sense because storing every single character shape would make the client a good bit bigger…
Most of what you mentioned I can do, I love ZBrush, and use Blender for rigging, though some of this, like gr2 files, MilkShape and even reassembly in Blender are things I know little about.
On the other hand there’s not much I can’t learn, so maybe I will give it a shot.

Thanks again!

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Holy thread necro, Batman!
But this is a very useful thread. I finally have a 3D printer and a tabletop CNC too.
Back in 2017 I wanted to teach my nephew about Unity. And I imported the model of the Minmatar Cyclone into the “world” we built. I was trying to make video games less magical for a kid that seemed so enthralled by them. The idea being, if you are going to spend time on this stuff, do it in a way that gives you knowledge and skills rather than just be an end loser.
This is about characters, it was posted here before. It gives a rough estimate on what is needed. I used different setup tho, more time consuming and I think non-optimal at all, so I will keep my method to myself.

Here is even different method

The textures seem to be messed up tho in that method, maybe because some important data about UV maps was lost somewhere there.


Well, since this post has been dug up from the grave, I’ll re-link my repo of most of the extracted models of the game, they are in STL format for you 3D printers.
Most everything should be updated, unless I’ve missed something.

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Request, if it is available, the Katia Sae Memorial?

I couldn’t find it :frowning:

No worries and thanks for looking into it. I’ve looked before as well and didn’t see it, but really wasn’t sure if I was doing it right. Thank for confirming!

You mean the printable files or just extracted model? I think I could get model from the files later today, with textures, for Blender, but I dont know how to make it printable because never done it, dont have 3D printer.

If you can get the extracted model, I’ll be able to create the printable file.

I have found the model, its exttractable from game files.

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That’s awesome!

I can provide OBJ mesh file, if thats enough.

Its very big size of mesh, have to be scaled down.

Or if you want to extract it yourself its in the game files extractable using Triexporter.
Path is:

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