Anyone know how to get ships model?

Yup that did it, the normal works great exactly as you described it once I flipped it to non-color data. Thanks so much for that.

Any idea how you go about coloring the individual .png’s in blender so that it’s not a black/white/grey model?

You can use blender “texture paint” feature, just above the other modes like edit or object, on default its on left bottom. Alternatively you can use RGB curves node added between albedo texture node and mix node, or some other, but on color input.

But if you are painting, you have to have albedo chosen as texture node, choose them in Edit mode and paint in texture mode. If it doesnt show on rendered object then save texture as new albedo map for example albedo1, to not ruin the original, and after saving it, it should show on rendered object. Albedo still have RGB channels, CCP uses this for other objects in space and for them its colored.

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I’ll have to give that a try. Because it seems like some texture files provide color (As demonstrated in your battlecruiser example file) and some that don’t as in the case of this oracle below.

Also I noticed when playing with the stratios that the same thing happens. I opened up the materials layer in photoshop and found that it was saved as a greyscale color mode. I’m assuming this is a result of something I’m doing wrong in gimp with the decompose. When you’re decomposing are you re-composing each image or no?

For example, the materials layer was the problem in the case of the stratios. To get that I opened the _pmg, decomp as RGBA, hid the R/B/A layers and then exported the G layer as .png. That resulted in the file being saved in grayscale, which eliminated the red striped colored bits. I’m going to guess that I’m doing this wrong if I’m losing the color data for this layer. Any thoughts?

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But batlecruiser file have color by choosing color in multiply node (Mix RGB) connected to albedo, that small Color2 field.

All ships able to be flown by capsuleers have grayscale albedo. I think CCP uses some diferently colored materials to colorize the ships (back when SKINS were first introduced, the SKINs worked on every ship, just the metalness and colors changed on ships). CCP probably made it so they would have time saving technology when tweaking the materials for every ship at the same time. They may have expanded whole texturing with SKIN technology introduced, and it was easier to have Albedo in pure grayness.

Materials texture have 4 shades, so it facilitates 4 metallness levels, with 4 colors. I used it with metalness to get it to shine like amarrian ships do. But probably it would be best used like some kind of mask defining materials and colors, not only metalness.

But for Talocan ship that is object in space albedo is colored. The grayscale albedo can be colored too in Texture Paint mode in Blender. Or there is also this option (simpler I think, as fill tool can be used in GIMP) to colorize the materials texture, save it as “albedo colors” and mix it with graysacale albedo by Mix RGB node.

EDIT: I used that recolored materials texture and used it in the example file, please redownload to see how its made now.

In GIMP you can convert the Materials texture to RGB colorspace, use mask by color and then fill selected areas, save under some different name and you will have colored ship when you do the Blender node magics…

You can experiment with different settings for the Mix RGB node, like maybe somethin like Darken? With Fac 100 it gives saturated color.

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Awesome. That is precisely the thing I wanted to see done. This means that I can work on the material layer in photoshop and replicate some of the in-game skins that aren’t in the texture files. Thank you so much!

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Hi, all! Just finished modifications of Nana’s (who deserves mad props, BTW) Blender file, and I think I got pretty close. I’m still not quite satisfied with the dirt, but other than that it’s working well.
The link:

P.S. I got the colors from

P.P.S. If anyone can find the colors for SKINS, it would be greatly appriciated.

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i’m sure if anyone had their hands on 3D printing data files that CCP would vigorously sue that individual as unauthorized printing and selling of eve models is a preech of copyrights protections

You’d probably do better to get the color hex codes directly from CCP wallpaper or the in-game viewer rather than EVE_NT. A lot of their models load without the correct colors. I’ve been using an eye dropper in photoshop off wallpapers or in-game images.

I’ve been asking around for a few weeks and I’m told that the skins are not in the texture files in-game but are rather a projection. As far as the colors, I’d suggest the same with eye-dropper/image manip software to get the hex codes.

Hmm… Yeah, but there are three different sets of colors needed - none of them plainly visible. And yeah, I have noticed that the EVE_NT viewer doesn’t display correctly, but when I take the colors into the model, they do appear to be the right colors. As for the skins (at least the ones that don’t have some special pattern) they are applied just by choosing a different set of colors. It’s still a matter of finding those colors.

Not sure if anyone is still following this topic - I’ve just been introduced to extracting data from Eve and had two questions:
1.) What is the date or version of the “new” granny2.dll? I have 18-FEB-2009 v2.8.12.0
2.) all the models I open look black…like a silhouette…like the screen shot posted at the top of the thread but all the videos and stuff I see online the models are grey, yellowish or other light colors is there anyway to adjust this?

Thank for your help!


Nevest I know is:
2018-02-22, ‏‎05:33:31

The same as in this thread posted earlier.

Models look very dark gray to me too. Triexporter was not updated for a long time and CCP changed few things.

We can operate only on what could be considered dead software mostly, when extracting from game files. Dont know how long, so you could think about extracting what you still can when you are still able.

thanks your information.
I have some questions about applying textures.
of course, I got 3 png files(ar, no, pmdg)

can you explain me more detail on blender?

in my case, it could not apply any textures.

thank you

As you can see in sample file of battlecruiser I put for download earlier, you have to use nodes in Blender:

And to texture stuff you need basics of texturing shown here:

Note that the UVs are already there in file exported from EVE. All you need is to build nodes like in Battlecruiser file shown earlier.

Also note that you have to use GIMP to make those textures actually usable in blender, I wrote a long post up above how to convert them.
Here is a post with sample file with shaders constructed:

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