EVE Online Related Art Community

Isn’t there already some EVE Online Arts community , beside the professional who sell their services (and arts products, and mediums) to EVE Online (CCP)?

Some of the reasons I am asking are because :

  1. If there is none, we can make one, or more than one.
    2.- It could be useful to organize or create such community so that players or users can develop their creativity skills, and, maybe even improve their skills.
    3.- There are many forms of arts already in place, not limited and including, videos, video editing, audio recordings for videos, streaming on Twitch, streaming on Youtube (I noticed there already a thread on EVE Online Twitch streamers).
    4.- Maybe we can find some people to manage those communities to promote and moderate arts creation related to EVE Online.
    5.- It would be a good tool to use good inspiration to create arts related to EVE online.
    6.- There’s also 3D arts with 3D printer which I noticed was printed. Those can be used to represent EVE Online conditions which may occur.
    7.- etc.

The reason I leave this opened is not for trolling, but since to promote creativity here is the goal and objective, I feel it is a good idea to leave this opened for suggestions, and to deal with conflicts and potential conflicts which may occur to protect the work and creation of the authors as potential copyright protected material if within the Guildelines of EVE Online policies and ideology, or, community.

Of course, we could make it more close, and take less input, and reduce the risk of problem , and it may affect creativity proportionally.

Oh , and please, if you can, try not to overdo it too much on the language part of the communication, since art can be a form of communication, and the creation of art for communication can be used to communicate other factors which may not be best expressed with languages , or the design of language.
Not all languages are used for arts, and often, written communication is not used for arts.
I can understand certain people prefer to use language as a form of art or martial art, but if there is too much conflicts, the Moderation would have to intervene.

I also found a good example of this in:
“A word of warning on misuse of the moderation tools”
which is about groups of people who repeatedly seek to hinder specific target and try to silence their expressions, even though, perhaps not, their opinions (since it would be illegal).
Still, to unfairly restrict one’s expression, with threats of riots may not be the best practice for art.

We can also work to update list of those arts community.
There used to be a link from the main EVE Online page to community and such arts.

I found this so far:
and this:
It has a 14.3 GB file Old Character Portraits link.

and this

There’s also the EVE Gate Beta

What about using this art to express some forms of combat tactics and strategies?

This can also include some arts related to some of the information gathering from scouting or other inter-personal relations between in-game entities.

I am going to sleep.

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