Concept for iindustry++

Eve is for me a fascinating game, overall it is a big market simulation interwoven with a complex industry or crafting part, many ways to modify the self for a single purpose to keep the fire of war burning.

It’s a metaphor for this concept called the military industrial complex.

And every player independent of his actions is only a participant in the above always hungering wrecking machine.

One could ask “Is this poetry, brilliance or just madness?” though if being informed that madmen and brilliance are just a paper wall apart, and both are eventual poetic, then I’d say all three at once.

This however means it can be quite confusing, and orientation is not always available leading to confused players. Confused persons tend to get angry and angry persons sometimes cry, shout, rage and scream.

Having played on and off since short after the eu launch 2003 found that an inner map of taxonomies connected to examples of other games or mmo(rp)gs sometimes allows me to find a safe path inside eve.

One such map may be useful for players coming from a game in a terrestrial surrounding in a fantasy setting i.e. world of warcraft. It is a preliminary map of resource collecting professions and which are similar in gameplay experience.

Eve resource collecting activities - world of warcraft profession

Asteroid mining - mining veins an deposits, harvesting herbs
Planetary industry - fishing
Salvaging - skinning
Hacking/Archeology - lockpicking mixed up with surveying

Refining - smelting

Now I’m sure that I’m only one of many having recognized this similarity in gameplay. Afterall games like artworks use typical elements and tend to mimic other games before them (genre ancestors). Basically eve has some genre genome of elite.

What I want to point out, if it is true that all of eve is basically a free for all pvp zone then considering the same in wow - a server where also horde is allowed to kill horde and alliance alliance - which profession is reasonable to pursue?

Most likely the fight stuff profession.

Now eve is a free for all pvp zone yet ccp combines this with repercussive rules meaning certain actions in specific regions is going to get the doer a specific punishment. Cold calculating and not necessarily a morally justifiable one.

Great with the above out of the way, I’m now going to present some ideas and concepts to read through, none needs to be adopted into eve, and most likely none is going to be adopted.

Environments for mining:

Let’s be honest we all like stuff handed to us on a silver plate. Yet many if not most have learned in life to restrain themselves and that the silver plate is in most cases the cherry on top of a cake consisting of hard work and planning. Who hasn’t so far, sorry skill books on perseverance are neither available in reality nor in eve.

However, in eve something like serving on a silver plate exists, little hint sits in asteroid belts.

Exactly a solo miner in a venture, barge, rorqual or orca and so on.

Now I feel this is fair … to an extend … In nature herbivores are in the same position related to carnivores, and often employ one of two tactics: moving in herds or being extremely perceptive and quick to run away.

In eve that is either 30 barges in a fleet and in belt, and combat drones in space or warp core stabilizer in low, eyes on overview and ability to start warp through right click menu quickly.

However, and honestly, this might not be possible for all players and is most likely only fun if subscribing to this game.

Fun for some miners is tranquil sitting in a belt, letting the ore come in slowly, eventually compressing it, as soon as cargo is full warping to a station selling or refining it.

So far I wonder if eve is a wrecking machine can eve supply players with this.

And the answer here is depends.

Yet how could eve provide such?

Well Sherlock, let’s employ a bad ganking reason and turn it into a funny repercussion reason.

Wording of the rule: “You were there yet you had no allowance from me such all I do is kill you”.

If someone hasn’t gotten this encoded in joke, a mining permit.

Now currently this has no reasonable place and no employable mechanic.

Yet they can be invented in the form of heavy turret fortified asteroid fields, an ignore me buff, a medium slot communicator and its ammunition a mining permit by the npc owner of the field.

Permits are available in the lp store of the asteroid field owner.

May sound mildly interesting, but wait what if a permit is contracted or sold or so on to a ganker?

That alone spells doom for this idea.

Now another idea would be to introduce specific deadspace filaments. Well this might or might be possible in future.

Now even if we don’t like it we can cheer for miners (before shooting them again or not) however on an economic level trouble is just around the corner.

There is a simple market rule: The bigger the demand the higher the price the greater the supply the lower the price.

I personally think it is the higher the demand the higher the price, the higher the number of suppliers the lower the price, yet the exact form is surely a discussion topic for university level economic schools.

Insofar if above “mining permit/fortified asteroid fields” are introduced then the market is going to be flooded with asteroid ressources sooner or later and the median price of ores and minerals is likely to drop.

Basically also spells doom for the above idea.

Can anything be done about it? according to above rule if there is more supply then the demand would need to go up. Yet how?

A look to the left side and a look to the right side and some reading into real world refining for example aluminium smelting reveals that aluminium ore is put into a reactor with cryolite plus some tools carbon electrode and through a chemical reaction aluminium becomes available.

That is in eve we refine differently in stations so far. Out of making the refining game experience as simple as possible.

However looking at the refining rations currently this looks for mined ore compared with minerals before loss related to refining modifiers:

veldspar: unit 0.1m³ → batch 10m² → mineral 4 m³ | 40%
scordite: unit 0.15m³ → batch 15 m³ → mineral 2.4 m³ | 16%
plagioclase: unit 0.35m³ → batch 35 m³ → mineral 2.45 m³ | 7%
pyroxeres: unit 0.3m³ → batch 30 m³ → mineral 1.2m³ | 4%
omber: unit 0.6m³ → batch 60m³ → mineral 1.65m³ | 2.75%
Kernite: unit 1.2m³-> batch 120m³ → minerals 1.8m³ | 1.5 %
Jaspet: unit 2m² → batch 200m³ → minerals 2m² | 1%
Hemorphite: unit 3m³ → batch 300m³ → minerals 3.3m³ | 1.1%
Hebergite: unit 3m³ → batch 300m³ → minerals 5.7m³ | 1.9%
Gneiss: unit 5m³ → batch 500m³ → minerals 43m³ | 8.6%
Dark Ochre: unit 8m³ → batch 800m³ → minerals 28.8 m³ | 3.6%
Crokite: unit 16m³ → batch 1600m³ → minerals 36m³ | 2.25%
Bistote: unit 16m³ → batch 1600m³ → minerals 45.6m³ | 2.85%
Arkonor : unit 16m³ → batch 1600m³ → minerals 45.2m³ | 2.85%
Mercoxite: unit 40m³ → batch 4000m³ → minerals 1.4 m³ | 0.035%

Spodumain: unit 16m³ → bach 1600m³ → minerals 492.8 m³ | 30.8%
Bezdnacine: unit 16m³ → batch 1600m³ → minerals 449.28m³ | 28.08%
Rakovene: unit 16m³ → batch 1600m³ → minerals 434m³ | 27.18%
Talassonite: unit 16m³ → batch 1600m³ → mineral 409,92m³ | 25.62%

While interesting and as all is good a possible idea is to invent Refining++.[Coexisting besides current refining]

What could be the ingredients in a first try? A reactor, specific tools, ores, raw planetary resources and a refining program. Oh and for it to be used skills.

Good, let’s throw them in a pot and see what can be made of them.

The process is as following:

The refiner goes to a reactor, depending on the end product hir installs a tool, puts in an ore and planetary resources, through the program hir changes refining efficiency/refining speed/heat or stress created/pollution of the reactor.

The four factors work in following way:

*Each reactor has a specific stressability capacity, in each refining process this capacity is reduced by the stress created (similar to capacitor used up through an weapon activation) however if the capacity is depleted the reactor is incapacitated and has to be repaired (nanite repair paste?).

*Refining speed is either the amount of refined items per refining cycle or the duration of the refining cycle with a fixed amount of refined items delivered.

*Refining efficiency is how many units of or and planetary raw ressources are used for one unit of refined items.

*Pollution of the reactor stacks each refining run as soon as the run is finished, the amount of pollution increases the stress created in a run for the purpose of an low stressedn reactor it needs to be cleaned in a while(technical crew, cleaning drones, slaves or alike)

Each tool can only be used for a limited amount of runs.

The refining program is available at the market in a basic version and can be researched however if optimized in one of the four directions one of the other three does or may become worse.

Okay one idea for a refining process yet what about the acquired materials?

And a possible direction is in a similar direction as mutaplasmids, however either a low end stable form or a one bonus only form. Okay if you read this far thanks for your attention and have an interesting time in eve.