The Foundations of Eve

I love Eve. No game has held my attention for as long as this one. I don’t have an exact number for my hours played, but I suspect it’s a 5-digit number (for those who check I have lived many Eve lives).

I wrote this first part not too long after injectors and F2P became things, so years back now.


Why this game appeals to me;

  • Eve is a beautiful game. I can just fly through space and take in a spectacular scene system after system. The ship models are original and unique to this game, well-detailed, and even without a lovely skin will hold your attention.

  • Eve has tremendous breadth AND depth. You can choose one of many paths, pursue it vigorously, and still have not fully mastered it months or years later. There is still more to learn and to try.

  • Eve is a sandbox in which the players write the story. CCP provides the tools, the backdrop, and very few limits on the activities. The players choose the direction Eve goes.

  • Eve has no true heroes or villains. On any one day you can be hunter, gatherer, industrialist, tycoon, pirate, spy, or scammer - your chosen playstyle is a valid one. And you can go it alone, in a small group, or with a few thousand at your side.

  • Eve is a single server. Everyone in Eve has the opportunity to interact with Everyone else, either positively or negatively.

  • You can pay nothing and play for free, but with a few limitations. Or you can pay a flat, monthly or yearly subscription (or through in-game efforts) and enjoy all of this ongoing universe. Also, you can pay a little more to learn faster or to look a little better. But no amount of money can make you better than Everyone else in Eve.

This is what makes Eve, well, Eve, to me. These are the foundations of the game.


Now we have citadel spam in every system.

Now we have CCP deciding events; npc attacking citadels, npc instant locking/ganking in high sec, “wars” being decided before they’ve begun. CCP has turned the sandbox into their litter box.

Now we have snow, unfinished mechanics, and Dr. Who in space.

Now we have CCP nerfing entire professions or playstyles, most of which were born from their poor, intrusive decisions in the first place. CCP is deciding how you play.

Now we have instanced pve and battle royale arenas.

Now we have a pilot in a Titan in one day. Only CCP benefits there.

I’ve watched as each CCP step has taken Eve further and further from its roots. I loved this game. I am so angry at what CCP has done to it. Perhaps I am “behind the times”, but I chose Eve, not WoW, Fortnight, or Rocket League. And I chose Eve for those foundations I listed above - the very foundations CCP seems to have forgotten.

I will unsub my last account, for now. I will play for free from time to time, holding out hope Eve returns.


Great and stunning observations my chap. Abstaively.

Now um, how about that stuff?

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Nice write up, I’d give you a ‘Like’ but my daily allotment is all used up so this one will have to do: :+1:

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