My first 150hr game-play impressions of Eve Online

After you get past the-“This is the MOST INTERESTING game I will NEVER play”-mental barrier and get to actually play it, you will realize the scale and the depth of this game’s potential and the enjoyment you can get out of it.

At first time stepping to the cockpit, it will most likely seem overwhelming in terms of information and underwhelming in terms of game-play. But thereby, you would be judging a book by its cover and possibly miss on what could be a long term favorite.

I find the UI experience to be as ergonomic as it gets, handy and comes with tweaks and customization you can use to personalize it to your each game-play style, I think there is a little of everything for everybody in this game.

The Community is very much diverse, rich and helpful, while you may frequently hear about the “toxicity”, which is more tied to the game politics aspect of the game. My overall experience so far has been healthy. It comes at the end of the day at how you deal with it.

CCP’s community management framework is in my opinion the best we can get, and their player involvement in decision making is essentially inclusive.

Game could work on a potato and still look decent; crank those specs up and you’ll enjoy a gorgeous and immersing game-play experience. Audio is great as well.

(Bonus points for Snorlax’s Linux compatibility.)

Wide range of ships to fly, comprehensive ship fittings, Economy is player driven, ability to pay for subscription using in-game money, support is responsive and friendly, game mechanics with high skill cap, so many things to do with intuitive assets, documentation and player made tools & fan-sites.

These were my first 150hr rookie observations and first impressions of the game, and I’m not beginning to scratch the surface yet.

Overall, the main regret I have about this game is not joining the fleet earlier.


This was my thing until this past weekend, now approaching 30hrs and have two alts already lol.

Currently trying to noob it up by station day trading in Jita with one alt and then send the other one mining until I can get up there in the ISK.

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Glad you’re enjoying it so far!

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welcome dude

hahahaha…oh wait your serious? ok well how about this.

the framework is garbage, the whole game is now something like 5-7 codes stiched together because of their turn rate of employees and failing to have anyone learn about the old programming so they can read it before applying new code. For example Player owned structions (POS) have been completely replaced but cant be removed from the game as devs try and figure out where it code starts or ends, yet they could modify the code…

And involving players in decision making is another joke as it boils down to many times “hey this is what the players want…but we know what they really want so instead of giving them what they want or think they want lets give them this thing here that is horrible in all terms of play”

outside of that ive played since 05 constantly and can fly every ships etc and will keep going until either i die or eve dies.

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Wait till your freighter get ganked tho, thats the real impression u may never forget.

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When you play a game for a while, you’ll always gonna have a nail to pick on something not going your way, and that’s the reality of game development in general.

Overall this was my *initial impressions of the game as mentioned.
In which at the end of the day are just that.
Haters are gonna hate, and complainers are gonna complain :slight_smile:


He doesn’t seem to be afraid of pixel death.

He may make it!


Yeah, no actually. Player involvement in decision making is non existent. It is a farce, a commercial trick making you think players are involved when they ar not at all. Time and again CCP has shown to disregard any and all player feedback, both on new and excisting features.

And yet the game still exists, after 16 years - maybe they’re right to ignore ‘player feedback’…

The longevity of the game says very little about the quality (potential).

Maybe the game would have been a lot better if they did listen to feedback, and instead of a decreasing playerbase (2013-2019) the number of players would have constantly risen.

After almost six years that’s also my experience of Eve - and I’m still finding things I’ve never tackled before in addition to all the wonderful bits of New Eden I already know.
A wonderful and beguiling experience - a puzzle box where one twist makes you gasp as things unfurl, but on other occasions you can pick away at it for hours and wonder if you have made progress. But a puzzle you want to keep picking up and playing with.


Thanks, OP, for making one of the more refreshing threads of the past year. Good to see there still are new players who can adjust and adapt without complaining the game isn’t centered around a certain (fill in type of) restricted gameplay, and make the effort to post something positive about EvE. +1



Statistics show that the majority of players lose interest in EVE within the first 1.5 hours of game play. For the ones that make it past that gate, there’s a significant chunk that never make it to the 15-hour mark.

It would be my guess that for the type of player who makes it past the 15 hour mark (they’ve seen the basics of the game and haven’t left yet), and goes to the 150-hour mark, that most reviews would look at least similar to the OP.

EVE does have a lot of depth, a lot of beautiful scenery, a lot of ships, a lot of things to take a stab at doing.

If the OP would care to return when he hits the 1,500 hour play mark and the 5,000 hour play mark and give his impressions, I’d be interested to note the changes.

Or maybe it would have folded years ago, like so many others - we’ll never know.

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Apparently some people still use them as FOB’s because they’re cheap and can anchor quickly. Perhaps someone else can chime in, but I seem to recall that even CCP recognized their use in this regard and mentioned the possibility of creating a flex structure that could serve the same purpose. So, technically, upwell structures haven’t rendered them completely obsolete yet.

Also, what are doing? I mean, I understand having complaints, but why are trying to go all bitter vet on the newbro?

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Yeah, it’s funny. You have players complaining that the nullblocs have undue influence on CCP, and are getting them to implement changes that only benefit them, and others saying that players have no influence. Notice that these opinions are mutually exclusive? Means one of these groups has to be wrong.

Of course, I’m of the opinion that both groups are wrong.

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I now hate you for triggering that stupid song to get stuck in my head.
I’m not gonna suffer alone, though - I’m taking you all down with me…


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Dwayne Johnson does a good lip sync to that.