A few articles I wrote!

Hey all!

I took a gig about writing a few articles about games I played. Well, it turned out to be just this game, but I digress. They’re not gonna have anything a pretty well-integrated player won’t know, but since I wrote them targeted towards newer players maybe they’ll help with getting a general grasp of where one might want to go with their EVE career/the upgrade path in those fields.

I welcome any feedback and criticism - even though I probably won’t read them since I visit these forums once every purple moon with three comets in alignment ;p

  1. EVE from an Outsider’s View: I wrote big picture about what a player can expect from EVE should they play the game or be interested in playing it + where it shines, as well as a few knowledge tips.

  2. Best Mining Ships/Progression: There honestly aren’t all that many mining ships, so this is more of a progression article listing where to begin and where a newbie might shoot to end. Yes, the Porpoise is missing, but it doesn’t really mine on its own and if you’re a nullbear you’ll have access to a Rorqual somewhere anyways. It assumes you’re mining with these and your name isn’t Barry Foldar…

  3. EVE’s NPC empires: This was somewhat difficult to write since I can’t really fairly “rank” the lore of each empire. In the end it really got ranked in terms of who had the best trade hubs, but I did write a little about each empire’s lore, characteristics and story, etc.

  4. Best Ores to mine: This article ended up being decidedly not newbie friendly since I just sorted Cerlestes value-down lmao. Again not anything that a well-versed player won’t know, but maybe interesting to see how close in value the Pochven ores can get to traditional moon fracks.

  5. Best Exploration Ships/Progression: There’s even less exploration ships than mining ships due to most of the empires having equivalents to each other that I grouped together. Exploration ships are pretty straightforward in their bonuses anyways.

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Then why on earth did you post in a Forum?

New Players won’t generally open ‘My EVE’ in order to access information which might be useful to them, they have their own sub-forum for that. Those (like me) who have posted here in the past, know that it is the home of pet-projects and the like. That’s fine.

I get that you want your pieces to be published as widely as possible, but if you disparage potential readers by telling them that you will effectively ignore any comments (questions, or suggestions) they may have, you’re likely to be regarded - at the very least - as, well, dismissive.

How can you claim to ‘welcome’ comments at the same time as telling folks that you will actually be ignoring them?

I wish you luck, though I only read as far as the ‘purple moon’ paragraph. Perhaps others will be more indulgent.